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Friday, April 1, 2016

Hey Batter Batter - Baseball Cookies

Opening day for baseball is in just a few days. It's really ALL I've heard about from my hubby. Like... constantly. No, I'm not joking. He is a huge SF Giants baseball fan. As in, he centers his day around when the games are. If you ask him to go to a fundraiser dinner 2 weeks away, he checks the baseball schedule. Really. Yes, really. That's okay. It's better than listening to politics, in my opinion. So I made some baseball cookies and just love how they turned out. And then I made some embroidered shirts for my grands too.

Baseball Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE

I made a fun chunky baseball bat with ball cookie cutter for this baseball set. You can get the cutter HERE

 and a baseball cap with a nice wide area to fit your favorite team logo, cookie cutter available HERE

 and a baseball mitt with some fun details and room for the name of your favorite team, cookie cutter available HERE

and I used my shirt cutter that I've used for a bowling shirt, Hawaiian shirt and other sports jerseys too. It's the perfect size to fit a name across the front and add details. Cookie cutter available HERE

Have you ever waved a foam finger at a game? I haven't yet, but am feeling the need to. Cookie cutter available HERE 

 This baseball field can also be used as a fan for an Asian set of cookies and it's just the right size to fit in the baseball field and a team name if you wanted. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and I used my circle cookie cutter for making the baseballs. I've also used this cutter for making "You're a Smart Cookie" and the railroad signs from my train set. Circle cookie cutter available HERE

 This is Wayne the Winter Boy and I actually originally made him as this cute baseball boy, so he works perfectly for both seasons. I love that his face is large enough for details and the perfect size hat too. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and this is Wynn the Winter girl doubling as a baseball girl. This cutter works perfectly for girls of both seasons. She's one of my very favorites. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and I made this boy for football actually to go with a Huskers set for the University of Nebraska on special request, but he worked perfectly for my baseball set too. This is Lil Red. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and I just love this D Fence cookie cutter. I made it for my son playing hockey, but it works perfectly for all sports. Cookie cutter available HERE

 This beer cookie cutter is very popular and certainly works very well for a baseball set. Cookie cutter available HERE

My hubby says that the hot dogs at the baseball games are the very best ever. I don't eat hot dogs, so I wouldn't know, but I did make a cookie version for him ;) Cookie cutter available HERE 

 I just love to get a big pretzel at the baseball games. These are so yummy and how fun as a cookie with sprinkles that look like salt. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and I finally made these soda cookies. I made the cutter ages ago to go with a barbecue set and never made the cookies, so I decided to add it to my baseball set since I don't drink beer, a soda at a game is a welcome refreshment. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and we used to have "Panda" on our Giants team, so I made these panda cookies using my Seth the Sea Otter cookie cutter. Isn't he just adorable! I love panda bears. Cookie cutter available HERE

lots and lots of baseball cookies 
 I'm terrible at taking selfies, but I thought you'd like to see my Giants shirt that I wear for the baseball games. We go to several games each year. I love seeing the players up close. One time I yelled out "we love you Buster Posey" and we were close enough that he actually heard me and turned and smiled! My son looks like Buster Posey so he's always been my most favorite player.
 and all my baseball cookies together. I had fun with this set! You can get all the baseball cookie cutters HERE
and then I made a couple of shirts for the people that I love too. And before you ask, no, I don't sleep ;)
So what is YOUR favorite baseball team? 

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