Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mixers 5-quart or 6-quart?

Hubby gave me the green light to purchase a new mixer for my Valentines gift!!! I'm so excited, but also am torn on which model to get. I've wanted the PINK Kitchen-Aid 5-quart tilt-head mixer for years and years... drooled over it really! It has a 5-quart bowl compared to my current 4.5 quart so that means slightly larger recipes, more power (325 watts) and PINK!!!

I looked on and there is also a 6-quart bowl-lift model which means bigger recipes, no spillage and a LOT more power (575-watts). Unfortunately the 6-quart model DOES NOT COME IN PINK. The 6-quart model comes in silver which would also match my kitchen, but it's not pink :(

I read the reviews on both models and both have positives and negatives. There seemed to be more negatives on the 6-quart model due to a plastic casing for the gears, but Kitchen-Aid says they have fixed that issue. It also sounds like, from the reviews, that the 6-quart model is very loud and turns itself off during some recipes to keep from overheating and burning out the huge motor. I didn't see any reviews of that being an issue in the 5-quart model.

What are your thoughts, expertise, suggestions, guidance? I want to hear it all before making this large purchase. If you have a Kitchen-Aid mixer, please tell me which one you have and what you like and don't like or what you would do differently. Thanks!

And huge thanks to hubby! I'm so excited to get a new mixer!!!


  1. You must get the 6! If it breaks, KA will fix it. The bigger the better. I have a 5 and wish daily for a 6.

  2. SweetSugarBelle what makes you wish for the 6? Size? Motor? Because of the recipes? I'm really leaning toward the pink. I'm such a girly-girl and have wanted that darn pink mixer for years!

  3. I have a 6 and I LOVE IT. I would never get a smaller size. I am fill it up all the time. I used to overflow my 4.5 with cake batters and frostings and fondant. Plus, I love that the 6 has a slow start feature. (Say you are making bread dough and you flip it to 3, it slowly goes through 1 and 2 before hitting 3 to save the motor.) I've had mine for 2 years and had ZERO problems with it. And I use it quite a bit.

    Also...I just saw on someone's blog that they PAINTED their kitchen aid to match their kitchen. know...that's an option. :)

  4. Thanks Lilaloa! I wish the 6 quart came in pink, then all my problems would be solved. How exciting just to get a new mixer though! I'm still deciding and closely watching both mixers on Amazon... :-) I checked out your blog tonight too. Very nice!

  5. Like the others, I would definitely go for the larger one. When you are working, believe me, you will not notice the color! You will notice the efficiency etc.


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