Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How To Lesson - Quickie on How to Outline a Cookie

I have a bunch of new "cookier" friends that I just love sharing my latest obsession with, but most of my friends are not bakers. We are Cyclists or Martial Artists or school friends or just long-time buddies. From my non-baking buddies, I get a lot of questions on the basics of cookie decorating. So my son (turning 17 in a few days-wow!) took this quickie video on how to pipe an outline on a cookie:
I took my Road I.D. off my wrist just for that video, otherwise it's on 24/7. So can you guess what that cookie shape is? I'll give you a hint... it's for my son's birthday party this weekend and he's a video game junkie. Here's some pictures of what I've been working on the last couple days:
 Did you guess yet? Yep, those are all video game controllers: Nintendo Wii, Computers, Nintendo 64, X-Box and Playstation 3. I bought the video game controllers from eCrandal and the Computer from CopperGifts.
These pictures of Mario & the gang were all piped using my KopyKake Projector which I'm still getting the hang of. I found most of the pictures by Googling Mario, but I used SweetSugarBelle's picture of Yoshi  because he was a cuter & simpler design than the ones I found on Google. I finished all the cookies today, so after they dry tonight, I'll post the pictures tomorrow. Enjoy your evening!

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  1. It looks like you have jumped right in with your KopyKake! I mean...all these cookies just turned out perfect!


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