Thursday, March 3, 2011

New PINK Present From Hubby Arrives!

Don't you just LOVE getting presents!!!! What could it be? Something special from hubby...
I'm so excited and I've waited SOOOO long... 
what color is it?
drooling now, ripping open the box... 
can hardly contain myself...
aaaahhhhh it's soooooo pretty!
yay! I'm so happy!
and it fits!!! and matches the Kitchen-Aid bowls underneath
and it's not too heavy for the spring-loaded cupboard shelf. Feeling very excited now!
everyone together now... ooohhhh and aaahhhh!
Okay now that it's here... time to bake. I have to finish some Baptism cookies ordered for Saturday, but after that, definitely some PLAY time with the new mixer! I also have some ideas rolling around. I started my Cristin's Cookies blog on January 23rd and as of today, in less than 6 weeks, have had 999 visitors! I think it's time for a give-away or a guest post or a tutorial or something fun. Any suggestions?


  1. Love the mixer! You need to giveaway something pink!

  2. Awesome mixer! :-D

  3. BEEE-U-TIFUL!! Just like you ... XXOO

  4. hey what a nice gift,it´s very pretty,I love your blog,have a nice day


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