Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Want S'more?

My son is going to be an EAGLE SCOUT! Yes, I'm extremely excited and proud! My son has been in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts for the last 10+ years. This past weekend he finally finished his Eagle Scout project! YAY!!! So what did Mom do... bake cookies of course! I had hoped to make lots of camping cookies like tents, sleeping bags, bears, hiking boots and such, but I didn't have time as the project was coming together very quickly now. So I gave my son several cookie design options of what he would like to give out to his scout volunteers working the project with him. He chose S'mores. Guess what I did for the next 10+ hours... yep about 30 cookies or so.
Thankfully Glory of Glorious Treats had made a guest post tutorial on Sweet SugarBelle's blog on how to make S'mores cookies, so I used that as a guideline. Thanks Glory & Callye! This really came in handy!

I started by hand-cutting the shapes. I NEVER hand-cut cookies. I'm a bit of a cookie cutter snob I guess. I really like cookie cutters and don't trust my ability to hand-cut or re-shape cutters. But I bought this handy tool on Amazon.com and went for it. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, but then again, this was a pretty simple design!  
After the cookies were all cut, I outlined the cookies. 
 I then used a knife to fill the larger areas with icing.
 I used a toothpick to get the icing pushed to the small corners.
 Here they are with the graham cracker parts done
 Then I filled the bottom section to look like dark chocolate
 And I used a knife to fill the marshmallow section white. While the white was still wet, I used a toothpick dipped in the light brown icing to create marshmallow burn marks on the s'mores.
 Sorry the pictures aren't the best. It was hard to decorate the cookie and hold the camera :-)
 I then put the rest of my brown icing into a bag & tip and used that to make the holes on the graham crackers. I also decided to add a center line like how the graham crackers have those break apart sections.
 I then made homemade cookie tags thanking the scouts for helping Nick with his Eagle Scout project. I found the s'mores clipart on Google and bought the camouflage and marshmallow clipart from Maree Truelove's Etsy shop. I love her clipart for these type of projects! I let the cookies sit overnight before bagging them to make sure they were fully dry.
Thank you to all the scouts that help Nick with his Eagle Scout project!
 Nick and his volunteers, built three benches that will be placed in a garden on his school campus and they will be dedicated to the memory of my father.


  1. These look so awesome!! I'm so glad you gave them a try! Thanks for linking to me (and Callye). Congratulations to your son on his accomplishment as well!!


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