Friday, September 23, 2011

Girls Need Skates Too...

Girls need skates too right?!
My two girls are grown and out of the house, so it's just me and the boys here (yes hubby counts as a boy, believe me). Even the dog is a boy. Thankfully I can retreat to my pink home office when there is too much testosterone flying about ;-) So you can imagine how much I enjoy the opportunities to make some girly cookies. Since I made a whole bunch of hockey cookies this week, I decided to add in just a couple of girly ones.

Also some hockey sticks too:
A few more hockey cookies coming. The heat is finally starting to go away and it should be a nice, cooler weekend here and I can get back to baking. It's been a nice productive week though with finally getting all my photos watermarked and uploaded to my blog and Facebook. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your post makes me want to find my rollerblades! Love the hockey sticks, too!

  2. Let's hear it for the girls! Fun skates Cristin. Glad to hear that you are getting all caught up with all the necessary *admin* stuff that goes along with baking and blogging. Hope you have a lovely weekend yourself :)


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