Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cristin's Cookie Challenge 3 - Baseball Cookie Entries

Wow it was so fun to see all your baseball designs for our 3rd Cookie Challenge! I love it when we all work together on a theme. Instead of bakers that I've never met in Michigan, South Carolina, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Ohio, and Illinois, instead I felt like friends right in my kitchen baking along together. Fun! Take a look at the fun designs everyone came up with for our baseball theme:

From B's Sweet Creations (in Michigan):
From Donna Bailey (in South Carolina):
Also from Donna Bailey (in South Carolina):
Another from B's Sweet Creations (in Michigan):
From Frosting - Cakes & Cookies (also in Michigan):
From The Cookie Puzzle (in Missouri):
Also from The Cookie Puzzle (in Missouri):
From Trilogy Edibles (in North Carolina):
From Ellie's Bites Decorated Cookies (in New Jersey):
From The Sugared Apron (in California):
Also from The Sugared Apron (in California):
From The Sweet Shop Cookie Company (in South Carolina):
 From Mt Lookout Sweets (in Ohio):
 Also from Mt Lookout Sweets (in Ohio):
 From CookiesToGo (in Illinois):
and my cookies from Cristin's Cookies:
This was really fun and I so appreciate everyone that joined in the fun Cookie Challenge. Today is my hubby's 50th birthday and he loves the SF Giants. In addition to the baseball cookies, I have more of his favorite things that I baked. Pictures coming soon... off to the party for hubby. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


  1. Cristin- these cookies are all AMAZING! Thank you so much for putting together these challenges so we can discover new cookie friends! <3 Stephanie

  2. Enjoyed seeing all the wonderful baseball cookies, cakes and cake pops! Lots of talented bakers and decorators!

  3. I needed to be busy baking other things for this weekend, but sure did enjoy your posts, and your SF Giants! Guess I especially liked those Detroit Tigers! (Being a Michigander and all...) Have a great weekend! Laura Trombley

  4. Thanks ladies, this was really fun! Paula you need to get on Facebook and join us in the cookie challenges! Or you can always email me your entry and I'll post it on the blog. Laura join us next time...


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