Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Cookies, a TUTORIAL and a FREE PRINTABLE for Cookie Tags

Finally some cookies! Many of you asked where the cookies were last week, but I was working on a different project. We were out of town most of last week taking my son on several college tours. Nick loved them all, but we were hugely impressed by one in particular. No, I'm not saying which one yet as we have to wait to see what they come back with merit scholarships, otherwise we may not be able to afford his first choice college. So the wait is on. We arrived back from our trip late, late Saturday night and guess what I did as soon as we walked in the door - yep, I made cookie dough. Obsessed...

I made lots of halloween designs, but actually I had more in my head of what I wanted to make then the 4 batches of cookie dough would allow. I'll be showing you them in installments over the next couple days because I also made PRINTABLE COOKIE TAGS to match each theme and made them into files that I could share with you too. So here's the first installment of halloween cookies. Yes, that is a PINK halloween pumpkin. Did you expect differently? ;-)
Okay I made some regular orange pumpkins too. They aren't on the platter above because they are already gone to a friend before I finished up the rest. Can you tell how monstrously huge these pumpkins are?!
 Here they are bagged and tagged. Are you getting excited about the printable yet?
 and my one lonely beautiful pink pumpkin. I love her ;-)
Candy Corn
and one Day of the Dead cookie just for fun. My daughter had to explain the meaning of that one for me, but I LOVE how colorful it is.
Some fun bats. Last year I just made these black, but this year I had a bit more fun with them :-)
Spiders. That one in the middle was so huge that I didn't even have a bag that it would fit in! It sure was fun making it though!
How to make the spider webs. Start with your iced cookie WET. Do not wait for it to dry.
 Then make a circle of your web color of icing in the middle and some bigger circles around that center circle. On this one, I used two colors, but I also like the one that is just pink. Yes, you can make it the basic black web...
 Then pull your toothpick from the center out and clean after each swipe. Turn your cookie and continue this process.
 Like this. Easy right?
 And then you get this fun effect.
and this is my very favorite of this installment of the halloween cookies. Adorable ghosts with pink dusted cheeks. Super fun!
I've had this adorable pink luster dust for a very long time, but I've never been able to get it to work in a way that I was happy with. I finally got it. Use a cotton swab. The cookie icing is fully dry. The luster dust is dry. The cotton tip is dry. Just dip it into your luster dust and make a small circular motion for a cheek. That's it. Easy-peasy, but took me forever to figure it out!
And here is your free printable for cookie tags of the cookies we made today. Just click on the picture and download a copy for your own use. Enjoy!
More halloween cookies tomorrow and another printable...

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  1. Love the Day of the Dead cookies. I'm doing some sugar skull cupcakes for a friend birthday in a couple of weeks.Fingers crossed that they will not end up on the baking disasters list:)


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