Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ladybug Cookies for Eagle Scout Project in Garden

This morning Father Wade blessed my son's Eagle Scout project. We had a very small ceremony for the family to see the benches that Nick built for his project and Father Wade read about building a structure in God's work and blessed the project site and the benches that my son built in memory of my father, his grampa. It was beautiful and we're so very proud of Nick. 

I've been wanting to make ladybug cookies for a very long time using Sugarbelle's design. This was the perfect opportunity since the benches are in the garden on the school campus. 
 For the cookie bag tags, I bought clipart from Pink Puebo's etsy shop that came with every color ladybug, so I was really excited to make lots of colors of ladybugs for the cookies.
 and I made some fun flowers too. More ladybug pictures below...
Congratulations to Nick on his wonderful Eagle Scout project of building 3 benches in memory of his grampa!
The plaque for the benches dedicated to Nick's grampa
 Nick and his bench
Thank you to Father Wade for his time and blessing
Nick & Father Wade
Nick and Mom on bench that Nick built
Red ladybug cookies
Pink ladybug cookies
Yellow ladybug cookies
Green ladybug cookies
Blue ladybug cookies
 Purple ladybug cookies
Big daisy flowers
Medium other style of daisy flowers
Pink & lavender flower
Congratulations Nick! We are so incredibly proud of you!


  1. Those benches are beautiful, as well as the ladybug and flower cookies! You must be so proud of Nick -- what a wonderful Eagle project and so meaningful to the whole family. Thanks for sharing such an amazing story! :)

  2. You must be bursting with pride just as Nick must be! His workmanship is wonderful and your cookies are so cute. Why am not surprised that you did not just do red ladybugs!!??

  3. I love that you used SO MANY COLORS! What a fun set! And Great Job to your son! Those benches look really well made. (NOT like they were made quickly and just because he had to.) What a great family you all are!

  4. Thank you ladies, Kara, Paula & Georganne, your comments mean so much to me because they are exactly how I feel. We didn't want Nick to do a project "just because he had to". His first Eagle Scout project fell through and he learned so much from the church pulling the project and then this project came along and everything about it was exactly meant to be. It was a chance to have the project personal and mean a lot to our family. Nick worked hard on the project and it was a wonderful culmination of 10 years of scouting to finish this way. Thank you all for understanding how much it means to us!


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