Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Circus/Carnival Cookies

These cookies were just for fun. I had a friend ask me to make him 50 cookies for no specific reason other than the fact that he loves my cookies! How fun is that?! So I got to make lots of different themes and lots of different colors and just PLAY :-)

I made these out of a rolled mini chocolate chip cookie dough and I doubt I would do that again. This specific recipe had LOTS of mini chocolate chips in it and it made the cookies very fragile and rather difficult to decorate and keep in one piece. I should have added my elephant and a tiger, but I ran out of cookie dough, so this was it for my circus cookies for now.

 Circus Tents. I wish I had added some stars to the circus tents.
 Caramel Apples, but I didn't put them on a stick this time since I was shipping them to my friend.
 Snow cones
 and what circus is complete without some peanuts
 I'm out of cookies now. I have some to roll and bake today. I hope you all have a fantastic day and get to bake some cookies too!


  1. Your friend is one very lucky man! I'm sure he will enjoy all of these fun and colourful cookies.

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