Sunday, March 4, 2012

Boy Scout Cookies and A LINK-UP Party to Share YOUR Scout Cookies Too!

My son passed his Eagle Board of Review the other night and he is now an EAGLE SCOUT! We are so incredibly proud of him. It was an extremely stressful evening waiting for him to get home from his Board of Review. Nick has been in Boy Scouts for 11 years. He has worked really hard in scouting all those years and learned A LOT from the experience and the leadership. He earned 49 merit badges, completed 264 hours of community service (in the last 6 years), countless camp-outs and he has been an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for the troop, inducted into the Order of the Arrow and completed an incredible Eagle Scout project and had it dedicated to my dad's memory. On Wednesday, Nick's Board of Review was a culmination of all those activities and work. I paced so hard and my heart was in knots. I asked all of you to say a prayer for my son. My friend, Jean, told me I should go clean something so that I would get my mind off it and calm down. I told her "but then I can't stare out the window for his car to get home!" I was a basket case. Nick said he thought he would be home between 8-8:15pm. By 9pm, I decided that meant he must not have passed his BOR and they were taking time to make sure he was okay. When his little car finally drove up, I ran out front ready to console him. He opened up his car door and yellow "YAY!!!" I started BAWLING. Seriously BAWLING, the kind where you can't catch your breath. After lots of hugs and huge congratulations and hearing all about it, I went and made cookie dough. Must make cookies to celebrate right?!

So I made just a few (!) Boy Scout cookies and I asked all of you to join me and show off your Scout cookies too. Please see below for our link-up party and join in the celebration! Here's what I came up with. As usual, I went a little overboard with 47 cookies in all. You're getting used to me by now though, right?
 I made Eagles of course since my son is now an EAGLE SCOUT! Some in regular Eagle colors and some in U.S. colors.
and a few more Eagles with just the head of an Eagle. I really liked these.
 Then I made some small Eagle cookies in a variety of regular Eagle colors, U.S. colors and the grey ones to look like pins. I don't have the official Boy Scout Eagle cookie cutter yet, but I called our local Boy Scout store and they have it in stock, so I'll probably go get that too for Nick's Eagle Scout Court of Honor.
 Then I made some large Fleur-De-Lis since that is the official Scout symbol. I made them in a variety of ways. My favorite are the two on the bottom with the stripes and the camouflage in Scout colors. Fun!
 Then I made some medium size Fleur-De-Lis cookies as well.
 and I was going to make a large rectangle cookie with a bunch of merit badges and then I realized I'd be hitting my head trying to get such small detail on one cookie so instead I made just a few merit badges themselves.
 These were my favorite and I was so excited to do these specialty Boy Scout cookies for Nick. My favorite is the scout with the walking stick. Which one do you like?
 and a few more of the specialty drawn cookies. My favorite in this platter is the red/white/blue scout pin on the left. 
and then I made a bunch of camping specialty cookies too since the scouts do a lot of camping. My favorite is the raccoon. Which one do you like?
This was Nick's huge smile when he got home from the Board of Review so excited to tell us that he had passed! Gosh, I cry just looking at this photo. Proud Mom for sure.
 and a little collage of scout photos over the years from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts to Eagle Scout. I also made the new blog background and I even re-colored each of the clipart items used since they came in blue & gold for Cub Scouts. I'm getting the hang of Photoshop Elements a little better although I still have MUCH to learn.
and for those that missed out on the fun background of these scout cookies

So now it's your turn. I'd LOVE to see you join in the celebration. I will leave the link-up party open for one week through March 11th in case you haven't made scout cookies yet and want to join in the fun. Cookies can be Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, camping, or whatever fits in this category. I'd LOVE to see what you come up with or what you've made in the past. 


  1. I love your cookies!! So dang cute! My favorties are the little bears and raccoon!
    Congrats againg:)

  2. So cute! You do an amazing job! I love the racoon and the two scouts carrying the canoe!

  3. My favorites are the specialty boy scout cookies~I LOVE them! I think the scout roasting the marshmallow and the hiker are neck and neck for the cutest:) CONGRATS to your son, and you!

  4. Congratulations to the newest Eagle Scout! You aren't excited much are you? LOL! Your celebration cookies are all wonderful and very detailed. My favourites are the little scout with the walking stick and the one roasting a marshmallow :)

  5. I just posted my fleur-de-lis mini cutter. I'm sorry that's all I can contribute to the Scout Celebration. Congratulations to you and your son. You obviously did a wonderful job raising him! And as far as a favorite out of all the cookies you made, I can't pick just one - I think they're all great!

  6. Found this blog via DJ's sugar shack...cookies look so nice.& congrats to your son!!

  7. For our first Cookie Challenge of 2011, I asked everyone to show me their very favorite cookie of 2011 and what cookie cutter they used. Whe...

  8. My son just passed his Eagle last night and I wanted to look for Eagle cookies and I came upon your site. How cute! Wanna come and bake with me for the court of honor?

    1. Congratulations on your son's Eagle rank Ivana! That is such a huge accomplishment and will open a lot of doors for him throughout his future. I hope you'll share pictures of the cookies you make for his COH! :-)


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