Friday, March 23, 2012

Which Camera Do YOU Use & Recommend? Link-Up Your Photo!

What camera do you use? What camera do you recommend? I need your help, your guidance, your knowledge and your expertise. It is TIME for me to get a camera. I've figured out how to make really fun cookies, I've figured out how to become a blogger and I've figured out a bunch of HTML and Photoshop Elements. Now it's time for better cookie photos!

Please share what camera YOU use and include a photo in our link-up. Add a comment on the blog as to why you like the camera you chose and what you recommend.

I pretty much have it narrowed down to two cameras, but am still very open to suggestions as I haven't had time to do enough research on the subject of cameras yet. I prefer Canon over Nikon because it's a little more user-friendly and more do-able in price. I definitely want a digital SLR. The two cameras below are a T2i and a T3i, both by Canon.
I also need to know which lens. A macro 55-250mm lens or a 50mm 1.8 lens. I don't understand the difference between the two just yet, but from what I'm hearing the 50mm 1.8 is better for lighting although I have much more research to do.

I bought this photo tent and then decided it was too small for a platter of cookies.
So next I bought this HUGE photo tent.
I also ordered PhotoShop which should arrive soon and that will be a whole adventure in itself to figure that out! 

Here's a few cookies to entice you to share with me what camera you use and any info you can provide. This lamb cookie cutter is from I have 109 cookies to finish decorating today, but tomorrow will be concentrating on camera research, so any info you can provide is greatly appreciated!


  1. uh oh, no comments. I can't offer any suggestions since I'm not in the market for a camera and don't have a great one anyway but this seemed to be a pretty decent Q&A for the different between Macro and Normal lenses.


  2. I really find it to be a personal choice. I bought a Nikon CoolPix P500 and it works well for what I use it for. Here in Canada it was less expensive than the compatible Canon. For advice you could contact Miriam overtimecook dot com. She works at a camera supply store and would have lots of information for you.


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