Monday, June 25, 2012

Cute Bees for Abigail & The LiveStrong Challenge

I did the LiveStrong Challenge yesterday. I rode my bicycle for 100-miles and raised exactly $1,300.00 in the fight against Cancer. It was super windy and the wind stayed with us all day, even with every turn we made, but that was the only thing anyone could have complained about. It was an easy course and the temperatures couldn't have been better. I've ridden in Davis 3 times before this and it can be gut-wrenching difficult with triple digit temperatures, but not yesterday.

At one point I found a guy that was pushing against the wind at a good pace and I drafted behind him telling him that he was my new best friend. A little later I pulled a group of stragglers for about 4 miles to the next rest stop because they looked like they were needing a break from the headwinds. We took it easy throughout the day and enjoyed conversations with people and enjoyed seeing my daughter, Mellissa, at the rest stops. We didn't rush through the course at all and instead enjoyed the experience.

 When we had about 30 miles to go, I got my second wind and we "raced" the course just a bit passing 39 people along the way and one of them yelled out "GO ANGELS". That was fun. In the end, one of the vehicles (SAG=support and gear) came by and they told us to ride directly behind them for a draft. It was really cool. The car draft pulls you in (so you have to be careful to not hit the car in front of you) and you can pedal without having to push real hard. I have to tell you that we felt like professional cyclists at that point ;-)

Then we got near the finish line and I lost it. I started crying pretty hard thinking of my dad and thinking of all those that we were riding for and all the people that supported my fundraising and joining me in the fight against Cancer. I sobbed... while still riding and trying to stay with the group. I got myself under control and then we came around the corner and there was the finish line and there was my daughter. I slowed way down to let her catch up to me. I took Mellissa's hand and while I cycled across the finish line, she ran alongside me. HEAVEN. I can't even tell you how blessed I felt. It means a lot to me to do this event in memory of my dad and it means so much to me to have her supporting me in this event. I know she'll be back riding alongside me when she's not 8 months pregnant ;-)

Okay, on to cookies.... so I bought another super cute outfit for my grand-baby Abigail and then I made cookies to match... of course. Everyone does that right?

and then I made a few more bees
and still more bees... 

Cristin and Mellissa at the starting line before the ride
 Our little Eddie's Angels team raised over $2,000 together!

Bee blog background for today:


  1. You are one awesome gal Cristin. Congratulations on finishing the race. You are an inspiration! I love these cookies. Of course you know I'm partial to bees. The background is so stinking cute!!!

    1. Oh yes Melissa, these bee cookies are right up your alley for the little honeybee! ;-)

  2. Congratulations on an another very successful bike run Cristin! Your bee cookies are so cute. I have a feeling that your daughter and her new baby will never want for a sugar cookie...ever :)

  3. Ahhhh Cristin, congratulationsssssss!!! I admire your committment, you rock!!! the cookies are beautiful and I love the pic of you and your daughter.
    On a side note you had me all chocked up for a minute when you mentioned you dad aggghhh. I know our dads are 'angel-dads' right now in heaven--

  4. Great job, Cristin, for an awesome cause! And those bees?? Adorable!!! :) Thanks for all you do to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer.


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