Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Cookies for Nicky

Nick is a lifeguard. His last day of work is tomorrow. He is a really dedicated employee. We told him that he had to earn $8,000 between his last two summers of working and his dog-sitting and graduation money for his first year of college tuition and along with his very generous scholarship, we would pay the rest. Our feeling is that he needs to be personally invested in his college experience. So every day, Nick has worked full-time and comes home and does his chores and fits in his fun time with friends. Tomorrow is his last day of work. He's really excited. He will have two weeks off  to just enjoy before we leave to take him to move-in day at his college. I'm still not ready. But anywaaay, he and the other lifeguards earned awards for passing tests and saving lives and they had a potluck at work. Nick says they all love it when he goes to the potluck because he comes with cookies :-) I wanted to keep it simple and I was just going to make one design of 60 cookies and then I decided I was going to make cookies that I have on my wish list to make, but Nick really wanted cookies that matched with his job and the lifeguard team, soooo I made some summer cookies and lifeguard cookies in tons of different designs. GO BIG OR GO HOME RIGHT?! He was very happy and that makes it all worth it!

Remember yesterday when I was saying that I met with a friend and came home at 1am and then had to finish decorating 60 cookies until 5:30 in the morning? Yaa these were the cookies. So they aren't perfect (I could barely see straight exhausted), but Nick said they all loved them and they were gone super quick, so I'm a happy mom. All the different designs didn't fit on one platter (keep in mind my cookies are huge), so the two platters shows them all.

 I'm in love with this lifeguard chair. Eric & Jamie at made it just for me. Not really, but kind of. It was just perfect for Nicky's job! Did you know that the lifeguards don't actually get to sit down? Not ever. But it's still perfect.
 I want to keep experimenting with these life preservers. They'll do for now though.
 This was my first time making a sun. I used a large flower cutter.
 Sand castles with sparkling sanding sugar to look like sand.
 Waves. I stretched the bottom portion a little larger so it wouldn't be as fragile.
 Beach balls. I made 6 of these, but I ran out of the outline icing and decided three would do ;-)
 There were actually 4 of these swim trunks, but I just couldn't get one right so I ate it ;-) Hide the evidence, you know. It was a really long night. Give me a break... oh and I forgot the little ties on the bathing suits. I didn't even realize it until I was bagging all the cookies. Oh well.
 I love these snorkels. They are one of my favorites. The design is from Susan at The Painted Cookie. I love that she's always so generous with her designs on
 Ducky swim ring
 I love these flamingos. Maybe because they're pink - gee you think? But also because they're super big and a fun design.
 This is the biggest palm tree cookie cutter I've ever seen. 
 This is another of my favorites. I think because it's unique. I like the unique ones. I also made this bathing beauty into an eskimo last Christmas - remember?
 and the large double scoop ice cream cones
 These flip-flop sandals need a lot of work. They were the last ones that I decorated and I was sooo done at that point. I didn't even give them to Nick to bring to his potluck because I knew they could be so much better. I gave them to Irik, my daughter's husband, because he is the one that made the cookie cutter for me. How cool is that!
So those are all the summer cookies for Nick's last potluck at work. Today I'm working on 108 Boston College cookies for a friend. I have a super fun video to show you (hopefully tomorrow). I had to sit on it for a couple days because I get so self-conscious with the video tutorials. I'll get over it eventually though.

I went last night to visit my granddaughter again - on my birthday. I still can't get over the fact that our birthdays are only one day apart and she has my middle name. Is it really possible to feel this much love?
Best birthday present EVER! Isn't she GORGEOUS! Join me ... awwwwwwwww!!!
Oh and I entered my Princess cookies into a baking competition. If you like my princess cookies, please go here to vote for them: You can see them here:

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  1. As always the cookies are great Cristin! And I know you much be so pround of Nick...I know he will do great in college! And Abigail....oh my...what a cutie! Lucky girl she is to have such a wonderful Grandma!

  2. I love your cookies Cristin! Soooo cute! You have inspired me, as I am making cookies for my daughters pool party/sleepover/birthday party this weekend. You wonder if it's really possible to feel this much love for your grandchild and I'm telling you- it just keeps getting better and better. Awwwwwwwwwww!

  3. Your cookies are all beautiful!! I have to tell you a little story. My nephew has Asperger's (which is a form of Autism). He is in a special school with all Autistic kids. I made the Sand Castle cookies for his class along with some other Beach theme cookies. I put brown sanding sugar on the castles just like you did. When my niece took the cookies to the party, they ate every other cookie but they wouldn't touch the sand castles because they thought it was real sand and wouldn't believe my niece when she told them that it was sugar. She ended up bringing all of the castles home with her. Congrats on your new Grand Baby. She is beautiful!! Penny Carsner--Sweet P's Cookies

    1. Oh my gosh Penny, that is so funny! I love that all the cookies with sanding sugar came home because they didn't understand that it was sugar. Too funny! Those are the best ones according to my hubby!

  4. Nick should be very proud of himself and having earned some of the money for college, I'm sure he will have a greater appreciation for the cost of his education. I'm always amazed at what you are able to accomplish with your cookies, both the quantity and the quality.


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