Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dog Cookies for my Maxie

I made some dog cookies for my Maxie. It's a long (and personal) story, but the bottom line is that I found out about a boy that had been kicked out of his family home and was living on the streets for a couple nights. His father had recently passed away and things were just a mess and Max had made some mistakes too. We took him in and he lived with us for a little more than a month. He didn't just stay with us, he became a part of our family. I helped him with his college applications and making sure he was on top of priorities for his future and some counseling too. We don't have a guest room, so he stayed with my son. They got along perfectly and never had any problems. Max was a complete joy and we were so thankful to have him become a part of our family. I didn't make it easy on him either. We run a pretty tight ship around here with lots of to do lists and everyone pulls their weight. I gave Max a to do list every day (follow up with this college app, finish this resume, do your homework, ask this teacher about this or that, and even some chores). He jumped in and did everything asked of him and learned how to manage his time and stay productive. He ended up working things out with his mom and although it was the best scenario for Max, he had become a part of our family and I knew it was going to be hard on my heart to let him go.  

So my Maxie is now away at college and doing well. He has sent me a few messages to check in and I, of course, shipped him some cookies. I decided to make him some dog cookies.

We love you Maxie and miss you so very much. Thanks for being a part of our family. Keep up the good work and BE GOOD :-)

 My dog, Eddie, loved having Max here too. Isn't he so sweet with Abigail leaning on him?!

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  1. You are such an INCREDIBLE person with a heart of gold!!! You taught Max and your son some life lessens that will stay with them forever!! You "saved" Max from "the streets" and the miserable life he could easily have slipped into!!

    I hope he continues to stay in contact with you and you have the opportunity to see what he does/becomes in the future.

    I'm sure your package of cookies was VERY meaningful to him!! You sent him hope, encouragement and love in every bite!!

  2. So nice to hear that Max is now in college and I have no doubt that your love and guidance helped him immeasurably. You are one special lady and you have one very special family. I hope Max enjoys college life and does well in his studies. These wonderful cookies will certainly help when the sweet cravings start during the middle of an assignment :)
    I'm sure he will do himself extremely proud.


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