Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa's Little Helper

I made about a billion cookies this week. Yep, a billion. Well, okay. It just felt like a billion. I get soooo excited about decorating cookies and I absolutely love it and yet, when it's 5am and I'm STILL sitting hunched over cookies, that excitement starts to waiver. Just a little bit. Then I get 4 hours of sleep and I wake up super excited to decorate cookies. Yes, I'm weird like that. I admit it. So in about 5 days, I decorated 202 cookies. If you've had one of my cookies, then you know they are BIG. Huge. Enormous. They take A LOT of time to decorate, but you know it's worth it. When you give your friend cookies and their eyes pop out and their smile stretches so much that you know they just created a wrinkle. Yep, it's all worth it and I love decorating cookies.

So I made some Santa's helpers. You know. Those little guys. Elves. I have my very own elf. She comes to my house and she makes cookie dough for me and she helps me clean up and she mixes icing colors and she helps to decorate cookies. AND she brings her little angel with her. Mellissa and Abigail. Santa's little helpers. My little slice of heaven.

 The second set that I did brought a different bow and fun pink sparkly cheeks. I'm in love with this elf cookie.
 Santa's Favorite. For sure. 
With Grandpa's eyes.... makes me miss my dad.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Very cute faces on those little Santa's Helpers! And Santa's favorite is adorable. Happy Holidays and Blessings for the New Year, dear cookie friend.

  2. That baby is getting cuter and cuter! I wish I had a helper elf around here to make dough and clean up my decorating mess. Your cookies are adorable.

  3. She's a heart breaker that one! Love your elves, too cute. Merry Christmas Cristin, I hope you and your family have an awesome holidays. hugs


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