Sunday, January 27, 2013

Owl Always Love You

A friend of ours asked me to make owl cookies for his wife's birthday. He originally wanted them in just yellow and black, but I suggested adding in a third color for more details. I suggested pink and when he agreed, I did the happy dance. I had a lot of fun with these owl cookies. I made 28 of these large owls in 7 different designs and used two shades of yellow and two shades of pink. 
 I started by outlining the owls and planned their designs with dots, plaid, stripes, flowers, owl curves, swirlies and camo.
 Here is one of each of the 7 designs I chose

Here is Liz with her birthday cookies! I think she likes them! Thanks Ben. The owls were fun to make!

 Here are the 6 colors I used.
 and the clean-up
And of course I have to add a couple pictures of Abigail in her owl owfits

I received a special surprise in the mail the other day. One of Cristin's Cookies followers sent me some of her super cute "Unicorn Poop" cookies! Aren't these adorable! They were made by Kristy of Sweet Insanity Bake Shop!
You know those days when it would have been better to stay in your warm bed? I had that day yesterday. I went for a bike ride yesterday. It was really cloudy and overcast in the morning, but the weather report said it would clear up. We got really wet from the dew, but then it got thicker and thicker. Water was coming down off our helmets, I couldn't see out of my glasses and had to remove them. We ended up deciding to call it a day and head back. Our 65-mile ride turned into a 21-mile day. Unfortunately we didn't make it back without a flat tire and then when we got back, I saw that I also had another tire that had gone soft. 
 Oh and my bike got a bit dirty in the rain too... ick!

Today WILL be better than yesterday. I hope yours is great too!

 Owl blog background for today:


  1. Love them Cristin! The owl background is adorable :)

  2. Love that you had the eyes looking in different directions and that you made so many different patterns. Very bright and happy looking owl cookies.


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