Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rubber Ducky You're The ONE, Just Like Abigail

This year has gone so very fast. My little granddaughter, Abigail, turned one yesterday! I can't believe it. My daughter decided on a Rubber Ducky theme for her party because Abigail just loves rubber duckies. Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the theme. I thought what can we do with rubber duckies? Well my daughter sure proved me wrong. She went all out. Mellissa asked me to make rubber ducky cookies. I yawned and said ok. But then she sent me 3 designs that she wanted made into cookie cutters and I got excited. They were so cute!

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 I call this one "sitting ducky". He is available HERE
 Click on the link above to download the tutorial cards (top of blog post highlighted in yellow)

Then there is Shy Ducky. I decided he was my very favorite because he's such a unique design. Available HERE

and lastly we have Dancing Ducky available HERE. I thought he was going to be my very favorite because he's such a fun design, but I ended up falling in love with Shy Ducky just a bit more.

My plan was to do all same colors on all the designs, but I got bored. 60 large cookies all in the same color felt very tedious. So I decided to mix it up and the sitting duck was decorated in a dark yellow, the shy duck was decorated in golden yellow and the dancing duck was decorated in a very light gold with polka dots. If for no other reason than to keep me awake while decorating late into the night.
I finished all the cookies very, very late at night and then I realized that I wanted something more.
So I used the bubbles that I created for my bubble blowing cookies and I made a quick bunch of bubble cookies to go with the duckies. And then I let myself go to bed.
In the morning I bagged up all 60 cookies
Now if you think that I worked hard on this party, just take a look at what my daughter did. She bought a gazillion duckies. Seriously. A GAZILLION. Abigail was feeling a little overwhelmed in this photo.
Then she made little ducky labels for each water bottle for the 60 guests.
Then she made 60 or so blue cupcakes with little duckies on each one.
Then she made this adorable onesie with Abigail 1 and a ducky on it and had an adorable tutu made and a super cute ducky bow.
Then she hired Mister Q to entertain all the little munchkins at the party. Oh wow, that was fun! The kids LOVED it! You can see more about Mister Q here: 
and did I mention that Mellissa did all this with being about 6 months pregnant and a badly sprained ankle in a walking cast and crutches?!!
Thankfully she had lots and lots of help from hubby, Irik, and all the family.
So what did Abigail think of the party? You guessed it. She slept through half of it ;-) in the loving arms of Great Grandma.
But then she got to have cake when she woke up. She went straight for the cookie on top and yes, I cried, big tears in the middle of the party. My granddaughter finally got to have one of my cookies. Life is good.
I call this one "thank you Grandma, I waited a whole year for one of your cookies!"
 I think sweet Abigail had fun at her party, don't you?
 Yesterday we decided that one lucky person would win one of the ducky cookie cutters. All they had to do was enter on the Rafflecopter give-away and try to guess what the cookie cutter was. At midnight last night the winner was chosen. It was Christine S. She guessed it was a frog, but she won anyway ;-)
 Thank you Mellissa and Irik for all your hard work in making the party special and bringing this beautiful bundle of joy into our lives!

Please join me in saying Happy Birthday to little Abigial!

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  1. She had the first of many, many cookies! Happy Birthday to Abigail!

  2. Such an adorable party! Abigail is one lucky little girl! I love that she went straight for the cookie! Thanks for the cookie cutter, even if I guessed wrong! LOL :)

  3. These are the cutest rubber duckie cookies I have ever seen! Just placed my order. Abigail is adorable and looks like she had a great time at the party. Kathy

  4. I love the cookie cutters..they are adorable. Abigail looked like she was having a lot of fun. Your cookies always look amazing. Happy Birthday Abigail.



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