Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ice Skating Cookies and Some Hot Cocoa Too

I have a big decision to make and I always think best when I'm on the bike. So yesterday I went for a good bike ride and let my mind run away with my pedals. I decided that being a cyclist probably gives a pretty good idea of what it might be like to be someone suffering with a bipolar disorder. I'll give you an impression of what I mean and paint a picture for you. 

So you start out the day on your pretty pink bicycle thinking that it is such a beautiful day with a delightful cool breeze. The hills are green. The chatter is delightful. Later as you start to work hard, you realize that what you thought was a cool breeze is actually Mr. Wind standing directly in front of you and using all his might to push you backward while you try to turn the pedals forward. And that wonderful cycling buddy that you invited to join you on this casual ride is a Race Across America WINNER and you start to get all in your head about how much you are going to hold this friend back and realize that she's probably riding about as slow as she possibly can while staying upright on a bicycle just so that you can attempt to keep up. But you press on. Then you come upon a hill. Now mind you, this is not "really" a hill, but actually a "bump". But you've already ridden about 35 miles into the wind and you're so out of shape that the bump feels like a mountain. You concentrate on just turning the pedals. Into the sun. With the wind blowing you backward. You're tired. You're hungry. You start to talk to yourself and say What on earth are you doing? Why do you do this to yourself? What is at the top of this hill that you want so badly? You've somehow forgotten how to breathe or at least you're doing the child-birth breathing with your lungs on fire. Then somehow you make it to the top of the hill and you remember that what goes up, must come down. You take a deep breath and you're thankful to get air back into your lungs. Your bicycle starts going with almost no effort on the pedals. The wind goes through your helmet and rejuvenates you. The pool of sweat on your back starts to dry up. Descending is the most wonderful thing and it is your reward for the climb. You get into a nice little tuck and fly down the hill. Again the birds are chirping and you remember that this is a beautiful day. But then.... you come upon another hill. Like I said, being a cyclist must be what it's like to be bi-polar.

I had fun making ice skating cookies and the things that go with ice skating. Like hot cocoa and mittens and such. This was a really fun set and I loved the color combination.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 My favorite in this set is Alexa the winter girl that loves to ice skate. You can get the cookie cutter HERE

 Cute huh. I made one with a striped hat brim and striped scarf and the other I left plain, but then added yummy sanding sugar to her for some extra sparkle.
 I used to ice skate all the time growing up in New York (when I was very very young), but I switched to roller skating when we moved to California, but I still love both. Ice skate cookie cutter available HERE

 I had so much fun making this cookie cutter of mittens on a string. I posted a picture of just the cutter to see what people thought it was going to be. Several said a cyclist and then someone guessed mittens with a heart in the middle. I didn't plan on it being a heart in the middle of the mittens, but I can definitely see that too. Mittens on a string cookie cutter available HERE

 Hot cocoa is wonderful for winter sports like ice skating and when it's cold in cycling too. I was very excited to make a cup of hot cocoa with swirls of heat above. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and this is Ingrid the Ice Skating girl with fun ear muffs and striped socks. Cookie cutter available HERE

 I added super sparkly disco dust to the tiny bit of her ice skates for them to be sparkly fun.

and I used my Hibiscus flower cookie cutter to make a snowflake. Cookie cutter available HERE

My daughter and I took Abigail ice skating! It was so cute to see her out on the ice!

 My reward ;-)

Do you like to ice skate?

Ice Skating blog background for today:

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  1. Again, you've done a wonderful job!

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