Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You Are One Smart Cookie and Smarty Pants Too

I got a new phone recently. You know those new smarty pants phones. It's really quite brilliant. It tells me how many steps I've taken each day and says a little "ta-da" when I've reached 10,000 steps. Who knew a phone could do that? It also gives me discount coupons on frozen yogurt and tells me where to go so I don't get lost. I think there's even games on there, but I haven't had time to figure that out yet. I had to wait 2 years to get a new phone. The last phone I had, I insisted that I needed a keyboard to type texts. So I got this fat, heavy, horrible phone that was like a brick in my back pocket when I was on the bike. Here's the funny part... I used that keyboard once. O.N.C.E. That keyboard that I just had to have on my fat phone. Right after I got my old phone, my daughter downloaded something that made it so you could swipe your finger along the letters to type and thus no keyboard was ever necessary. Thanks for that. So I lugged around that stupid phone for 2 years. And now I have a new phone that says ta-da. I'm quite happy with it.

I was at a lunch stop on a bike ride and a little girl walked by me wearing a shirt with a big cookie on it and the cookie was wearing glasses and it said she was a "smart cookie". It took everything in me to not tackle the little girl to get that shirt. So instead, I used my smarty pants phone and googled "smart cookie t-shirt". Then I bought it for Abigail and made cookies too.

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Smart Cookie Printable Cookie Tags HERE
Free Smarty Pants Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 I used a simple circle cookie cutter for my smart cookie, available HERE

 You are one smart cookie!
 and I made this adorable girl smart cookie too. I found the super cute design from Scrappy Mel. She made super cute teacher gifts with her tags.

 and since I loved the "You Are One Smart Cookie" idea so much, I decided also to make "You Are Such A Smarty Pants" cookies too :-) 
 I started by making a pants cookie cutter
 and then I outlined my design of the pants and added on nerdy glasses
 Can you tell I had fun with these?
 You are such a smarty pants! Get it?!
 This is my new smarty pants phone telling me "ta-da" you hit over 10,000 steps. 
 and this is the super adorable smarty pants Abigail in her Smart Cookie t-shirt from grandma.
These were really fun to make with my back to school cookies

One Smart Cookie blog background for today

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