Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Italy and Food They Go Together - Cookies and Cookie Cutters

There is an Italian saying: Chi va a letto senza cena tutta la notte si dimena. - Italian proverb. 

Translation: He who goes to bed without eating, will regret it throughout the night. It is impossible to think of Italy without thinking of delicious Italian food. I've never been to Italy, but I had a customer ask me to make a whole bunch of Italian themed cookies for her Father's birthday party. I actually made these a very long time ago and am finally getting them posted on my blog!

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 This is Carlo the Chef. Isn't he so cute? I made him before I started making tutorial cards so I don't have the outline for him, but he's a pretty simple design. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Wine bottle & wine glass. Cookie cutter available HERE

and of course you need a bowl of spaghetti for Italian cookies. This bowl can be used as a popcorn bowl too. Cookie cutter available HERE

And Olive Oil is just perfect for Italy and all that pasta. Cookie cutter available HERE

And the Boot of Italy. Cookie cutter available HERE

I used a Wilton cookie cutter to make my Italian flags.
 and I used a scallop rectangle to make these Italian flags.
I used a cutter by Old River Road for my grape cookies. I have a fun idea to make a grape cookie cutter, but haven't made it yet.
 and I used a pizza cookie cutter that I had on hand for these pizza cookies.

 You know those Italian families are big right? Lots and lots of Italian theme cookies

Lots of cookies to bake today. Excited for a yummy smelling house! Have a great day everyone!

Italian Pizza blog background for today:

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