Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Back To School Apple Cookies

Our kids are back to school. That means Nick has left home to finish his last year in college. All my friends kids have left home to return to college too. I'm happy for Nick and his adventure and all he is learning, but I sure hate driving around the corner on my street while heading for my house and seeing Nick's car sitting there and knowing he's not home. He's where he is meant to be and he's learning a lot and becoming the young man he is meant to be. It's all good. But I sure like it when he's home. Oh and by the way, if you're a mom with a child going off to college for the first time, do NOT watch the movie Toy Story 3. If you're anything like me, it will break you ;) I made apple cookies. Because you know, that's what you're supposed to do when kids go back to school. I flavored them with organic apple juice in the icing and apple flavoring in the cookie dough. Yum!

Back to School Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Apple Cookie Cutter Available HERE

Apple flavoring added to icing and to cookie dough - YUM

You can see the tutorial for these Back To School cookies HERE
 You can see the tutorial on these Back To School cookies HERE
 You can see the tutorial on these Back To School cookies HERE
For those in the thick of parenting those little ones, know that it does get easier, it does go much quicker than you think it will and enjoy every bit of the journey that you can.

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