Friday, October 30, 2015

Fish Blow Bubbles

If you follow my blog, then you know that I finally got my car "pinked". I'm having so much fun with it! To be honest, the pretty pink car sits in my driveway most days. I actually think I use my bicycle a lot more than my car. But I love it so much. Yesterday morning I rushed out to a group bike ride. The ride was expected to be 44 miles, so I decided to drive to the start otherwise it would end up being at least 66 miles. During the whole ride, I worried about my pretty pink car sitting in a deserted parking lot. It was quite distracting to worry about a car! Then the wind hit our group. We were dragging along and everyone got tired and the ride was taking forever. I still had work to do and was getting concerned about how long the ride was taking. I asked the ride leader if she minded if I went ahead and met them at the rest stop. A few people joined me and I pulled them through the wind to the rest stop. Then I circled back and went back for the rest of the group and pulled them through the wind to the stop. At one point there was a huge construction ditch and we had to form a line to carry the bikes and help each person across the ditch. There was one straggler that got caught by the wind and I had to go out a mile to find her and pull her in. It was a great ride. Not only did I get a great work-out, but I felt like I was able to be of service. The fun part was that when I got back to my car, I ended up with 52 miles and there was a note on my car. It said "Hi Pinkie, I love your new car. From Linda". I haven't seen my friend Linda in a few years and she's not on Facebook, so I don't know how she knew it was my car, but her note really tickled me. It was a fun day. 

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We often make fish cookies and they don't include bubbles, so I decided to make this fish (named Fitz the Fish with Bubbles) and he has bubbles included with him. Cookie Cutter Available HERE 
 I outlined the design
 and decorated my fishies. I think next time that I'll do the bubbles in blue, but for this time, I wanted sparkly grey bubbles. You'll see why in the pictures below ;)
 Fitz the Fish with Bubbles

 On Abigail's dress, the fishy has a couple of jeweled bubbles in sparkly grey. She looks so adorable in this dress and it was the perfect muse for my cookies!
 Today Abigail, Aidan and I went to the fabric store. I had so much fun letting the babies help me to pick out fabric for some new outfit designs :)
Here's the fun note that was left on my car. It made my day :)

Fish blog background for today:


  1. "You reap what you sow", Cristin. Not surprising that you should be followed by friends who haven't seen you in a while....Passing on a kindness encourages others to do the same. Maybe not on a ride, but in other aspects. It's contagious! Keep it up, dear one. Blessings, Donna B.

    1. awwww this brought a huge smile Donna. You're always such a sweetie. Thank you for the kindness and making my day! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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