Monday, October 26, 2015

Texas Cookies For A Cowgirl

A couple weeks ago, my hubby and I were in Texas. My niece and her husband moved to Texas a year ago or so and now they are expecting twin baby boys! So we went to visit them and while we were there, we looked at some awesome houses. My husband has talked about moving to Texas for years. My response has always been, "sorry buddy, but you built my dream kitchen, so you're out of luck on getting me to move".  Not to mention the fact that our grand-babies and children are here in California. Well, being the smart man that he is, he used this trip as an opportunity to show me the houses in Texas. Have you heard anyone say EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS! Well that includes the houses. In the Bay Area, we have a small house in a nice area, but to get anywhere at all, it is a minimum of 20 minutes away and with all the Bay Area traffic, it can often be an hour to get anywhere. In Texas everything is big and quiet and CLEAN and the people are super nice. I fell in love with the big houses and dreamed of having a home office that isn't bursting at the seams like mine is. And my friend, Monica, of Cookie Cowgirl lives in Texas! She very generously invited me over for an afternoon and she even drove me around Austin to show me the various areas. We had a great time together and I was so excited to have special time with her and her family! When we got back from our trip, I decided to make her some Texas cookies. If you know Cookie Cowgirl's work, then you know what a true artist she is. She paints on cookies! So you can imagine that I felt a little silly making her some simple Texas cookies, but we bought this tin Texas cookie cutter at a fun baking supply shop in Austin called Make It Sweet, so I just had to make some Texas cookies to thank Monica and Rachel for their time and friendship.

Texas Cookie Cutters from Cheap Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Texas Tutorial Card HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
I didn't make this cookie cutter, but Cheap Cookie Cutters has several Texas options of cookie cutters that you can get HERE 

These are super simple cookies and they were fun to make. 
This is me with Monica of Cookie Cowgirl a few weeks ago at CookieCon :) She is such a fun gal and makes everyone feel super comfortable. I was so nervous and she made me feel like we've been the best of friends our whole lives!
My son was home from college last week. We tried to make waffles together, but only two waffles were successful before the waffle maker broke. So I invested in a new waffle maker :)

We've been back from Texas for a couple weeks now and I still can't get over the very strong desire to buy some pink cowboy boots! I already have them picked out and everything. My daughter says that if I move to Texas, I'll have to learn to say y'all too. We visited North Texas and Austin. What is YOUR favorite area of Texas?

Texas Cowboy blog background for today:

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