Saturday, February 19, 2011

Root Beer Float Cookies

Root Beer Float anyone? I've been wanting to bake root beer float cookies for a long time. Why? Because I bought a cool root beer extract to add to them! So not only were these really fun to make, but just stand next to them and you have childhood memories of yummy root beer floats. They smell SO delicious! 

Nick and I shared a cookie to do a taste test together and YUMMMMM! This was definitely a successful project. I'm really happy with how they turned out.

It has not been sunny California here all week long since it's been raining and even hailing. Tomorrow we are finally supposed to have a break from all the rain. I was invited from friends to join them on a 100-mile bicycle ride. That would be my longest ride so far in 2011. I've been a bit paranoid as it includes some hard hills, including one hill that is 11-miles long and a pain even when I've been at my strongest. With the bad weather and cold we've had, my strength and endurance are not up to par. Well it's still raining here. A couple of us decided that even if it doesn't rain tomorrow, the roads will be wet and dangerous for those long descents. So I'll be doing some more baking tomorrow. I have another fun project in the works... stay tuned!


  1. These are awesome!!! I should finally try root beer, better now, it comes in a cookie.:-)

    Sorry you were not able to go on the ride, I hope weather will cooperate next time.

  2. They are super cute and I bet taste delicious. Root beer is my sons favorite, he'd just love these!

  3. Thanks I want a Rootbeer Float! They look soooo yummy!

  4. These are cute and take me back to A&W Rootbeer stands when I was a little you flavor your icing differently when you use these different flavorings in your cookies???? Love 'em and also glad you do your biking safely. Blessings, Donna B.

    1. yes Donna. On the rare occasion when I want to make my cookies taste like a specific theme (caramel apple cookies, root beer float cookies, I've also done bubble gum machines, cotton candy, grapes, maple...) then I always add the special extract to the icing as well. I do often put it in the cookie too, but I think the specialty extracts cook out in the oven (not all but some), so adding it to the icing makes it super delicious. The specialty extracts are expensive, so I only do this on rare occasions and special treats. Just substitute what you would have used of your vanilla extract or do half of your vanilla extract and half of the specialty extract.

  5. These are just TOO COOL! I LOVE them Cristin ;)


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