Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ordered Kitchen Aid Mixer FINALLY - guess which one?

My wonderful  husband told me to purchase a Kitchen Aid mixer for myself for Valentines Day. My old mixer was giving out and the squeaking sound was making him and my son crazy. I had it narrowed down to either the 6-quart more powerful model in Pearl Metallic to match my stainless steel appliances or the 5-quart prettier model in PINK to match my WORLD ;-) I have asked all my friends and debated and researched comments on both models and finally ordered one last night. Which one did I decide on? Lets see if you can figure it out...
This is my old mixer working very hard. Notice the pink KitchenAid bowls in the shelf under my mixer stand. Notice the candy jars on the right all with silver lids. Ugh. Getting nowhere so far...
Notice all those jars with tons of sanding sugar for cookie decorating (thanks for the tip Callye!). Those all have silver lids. Oh but notice those pretty pink plates. Still not getting anywhere... see why this has taken me so long to make a decision?
These are the cupboards I use to store my 316 cookie cutters. Hmm lots of pink and no silver here (although there are some tin cookie cutters in the drawers).
Yep, that's my KopyKake Projector. Still getting used to it, but it doesn't help here since it's neither pink nor silver. But hey, look at that adorable sign from my friend Shilpi and her kids when I participated in the LiveStrong Challenge against Cancer - hey that's PINK...
This is my baking drawer. Hmmm that's an awful lot of pink in there. Okay one more...
I count 9 pink arrows and 4 silver arrows. Yep, you probably guessed right. I decided on the PINK Kitchen-Aid 5 quart mixer. I know a lot of people said to go for functionality over color, but those that truly know me said that if I don't get the pink one now, I'll never stop drooling over it. They were right. I'm so excited!!!
And part of the proceeds go to support the fight against Breast Cancer and we all know how I feel about helping those that fight the good fight against Cancer!


  1. You are so pink! I think of you now when I see pink. Oh Cristin! How did that singer get the name Pink. You should have it!

  2. @Kathy Bulmansorry trying to leave a reply on your comment: Thanks Kathy! I love the singer Pink! When she first started out, she had all pink hair. Her latest song "Perfect" is top on my iPod playlist. I was thinking of you this afternoon. I hope all is well!

  3. Hey Pinky, the mixer looks lovely and all the accessories go along so well with it!! You are one super talented lady!! I am so proud of you!! :))))

  4. @Yamini Thanks Yamini! You're such a great friend!

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