Monday, March 21, 2011

Caramel Cake - Delicious!

I am definitely a "cookier", not a cake baker, but when my cute little local Girl Scouts sold me some yummy Samoas cookies, I decided to make a special cake with them. I must have been on a caramel kick because this is a caramel cake with caramel frosting and caramel cookies chopped up on top and in the middle frosting layer and we had caramel ice cream with it! Wow! Sugar RUSH!
This is what I used to make our special dessert. Duncan Hines Caramel Cake, Duncan Hines Caramel Frosting, Denali MooseTracks Caramel Caribou Ice Cream and Girl Scouts of America Samoas Caramel Cookies. In all honesty, I think it's about the best cake I've ever had. It turned out to be delicious!

It turned out to be quite an adventure to get all the ingredients. I went to three different stores and couldn't find the caramel cake or the caramel frosting. I looked on Ebay and found that I could buy the cake mix and frosting, but after searching on Amazon, I found that I could buy the same product in a case of 8 packages with free shipping for about the same price as it would cost for 1 package on Ebay! So I now am the owner of 8 boxes of caramel cake mix and 8 jars of caramel frosting... or so you would think...
Unfortunately when the frosting arrived, 3 of the 8 jars exploded in shipment. I contacted Amazon (who is FANTASTIC by the way) and before I could even respond to them, they had sent out 8 more jars of frosting that arrived the NEXT DAY. I threw away the 3 jars that had exploded and now had 13 jars of frosting! Wow that's going to be a lot of cake baking for a cookie gal ;-)
Today I baked 8 batches of cookie dough for an upcoming 50th Wedding Anniversary party for my in-laws. 112 cookies to decorate. I will be a busy gal.
Tomorrow I'm going to show you a present I received - yes I bought it for myself, but it still counts as a present... :-)


  1. omg, you HAVE to save me a piece!!

  2. @gardenofedens sorry honey, your brother got the last piece tonight.BUT we have LOTS more boxes! ;-)


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