Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rainbow Cookies

I made a whole bunch of St. Patrick's Day cookies a few weeks ago and when my son saw them, he said "now you just need a rainbow"! 
The very next day, my cookier friend, Sweet SugarBelle made a fun tutorial on how to make rainbows with clouds and a pot of gold, so I had to give them a try. My friend, Joanne, needed cookies for a last-minute party, so I decided to add a black outline to save on drying time otherwise I would have to wait for each color to dry and I didn't have time for that and didn't want the colors to bleed. I also like that the outline makes the design "pop", but next time I'd like to try the rainbows without the black outline too.

I used my large circle cookie cutter and I bought a small flower cookie cutter and a small oval cookie cutter. I used needle-nose pliers and bent the oval into a pot of gold and smushed the flower into a cloud. I mixed up the 9 colors that I chose for the rainbow cookies (red, yellow, green, dark blue, purple, light blue, gold, white & black) and got busy decorating. I finished all the cookies in 2 days and was able to fit in one 43-mile bike ride, but I stayed up til 3am finishing the detailing. They were actually a pretty big project with so many colors, but I was excited to give the rainbows a try.
I made fun little cookie tags with a rainbow and I posted them to my share site so that others can use it too. Located here. Tomorrow's post will be a yummy cake and then onto 50th Wedding Anniversary cookies.


  1. Such super adorable cookies! Great job!!

  2. I LOVE your rainbow cookies!! They are so sharp. nice job!


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