Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back From Vacation

My husband won a very prestigious sales award last week and the company flew us off to Palm Beach, Florida for a special trip. It was really nice to get away from our normal busy schedule and relax and enjoy the sun. 

This first picture was a really cool event. They gave us an opportunity to create shoes for needy children through Tom's Shoes. With every pair of shoes purchased at, Tom's donates a pair of shoes for a needy child. How cool is that?! It was exciting to be a part of a philanthropic event. 
 This is a photo of the pool that we spent a good part of 3 days relaxing in the sun.
 Every night there was a company dinner event. I was thankful that I packed 4 evening dresses that all had some black in them so I only had to pack one pair of heels :-)
 Almost every ceiling in The Breakers Hotel had these gorgeous ceilings!
 Cristin and Dave relaxed and having fun together.
 Dave and I ventured out past the hotel on the last day to walk around Palm Beach. This was still on hotel grounds and too beautiful to not photograph.
 The walkway from The Breakers out to the city. We found a few lizards along the way.
 and this pretty bird too.
 Okay about now, I was really missing my pretty pink bike and look at the 3rd cyclist. It's a gal in pink with pink handlebars. There were lots of cyclists. They don't have the gorgeous hills that we have and they have a lot more humidity, but I was really wishing we could go for a bike ride!
 The gorgeous flowers and chandelier at the entrance of the lobby. There were flowers on every table and desk too. I can't imagine how much The Breakers pays just in flowers! They were beautiful!
 Okay, now I started missing baking. One of the shops had these pretty Easter cookies delivered on the last day of our trip. 
 I bought this sweatshirt in Dallas, Texas during a long lay-over between flights. I wanted to be like my cookier friend, SugarBelle who makes the most gorgeous cookies you can imagine and figured the Texas sweatshirt would do the trick ;-) I even considered staying longer in Texas and asking SugarBelle for a personalized cookie decorating lesson!
 Our boxer dog, Eddie, was very glad that we returned home and decided to sleep upside down ;-)
Now that we're back home, I've been baking and decorating Easter cookies. They should be done tomorrow and I'll post pictures then. 

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