Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cookies, Bike Ride & Victoria's Secret PINK Bag

Today was an awesome day! A bunch of friends and I did a 94-mile bike ride today. When we started at 7am, it was only 36 degrees and painfully cold, but it warmed up and it was gorgeous outside and fun conversations with my friends. It was a great day and we finished off the ride strong and feeling great.

I also have to show you this perfect luggage bag that I bought for our upcoming trip:
It has rolling wheels and tons of pockets and I'm so excited to use it for our trip and Mellissa's wedding and other events!

The cookie project I'm working on this week is teacups that are shaped with a whipped topping for a friend of mine and pirate cookies for my soon to be son-in-law that is celebrating his birthday next week. He bought me the pirate ship cookie cutter for Christmas and I added to the collection so it will be fun to make pirate cookies that I haven't made before!

Tomorrow hopefully I'll have the cookies further along and show pictures then. I hope you're all having an awesome weekend!


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