Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hockey Cookies and what's to come

I have had such a busy two weeks of playing cookier! Last week I made 131 anniversary cookies for my in-laws 50th (that was 112 cookies for the party, 12 cookies for a friend's birthday and 7 cookies that I burned by accident and used as decorating/design templates) and now this week of making hockey cookies and something to show you in the next couple days that has monopolized my time.

So here's the hockey cookies:
Have you ever been in such a rush that you forgot to take photos of your cookies?! Ugh. I did that tonight! I packaged up these cookies really cute with special hockey cookie tags for each player on the team and the coaches and then forgot to take photos before my son gave them out at the game tonight. Bummer! Well the good news is that the team told my son that I am a GODDESS. Okay that will do instead of a picture of my cookies ;-) How could I not feel better after that?! ;-)

The cookies that I've really been working insanely hard on all week long will come in the next day or two, but in the meantime, here's the progression of these hockey jerseys just for fun. Now you might think those round circles will be hockey pucks, but nope... you'll just have to wait to see. So here's the hockey jerseys after baking, waiting desperately to get covered in icing.
 Here are those hockey jerseys with a nice royal icing outline. I use royal icing (just for outlining) because it holds the shape so nicely and is so easy to work with. Those circles below the jerseys have been outlined too and notice there are a couple more new cookies. You can probably, possibly, maybe figure out what those are, but the cool thing is they are GINGERBREAD. Those are my son's favorite and mine too!
 Here are those hockey jerseys filled in with a glaze icing... yummy! My house smells so good. I would be having fun at this point if it were just these 40ish cookies that you can see in the photo, but you aren't seeing the other 3 tables filled with cookies too. It was getting not fun at this point :( as my schedule was demanding and my back was hurting from being hunched over cookies too long. I need to get out for a bike ride!
 and here's the final version of the hockey jerseys for my son's hockey play-off games tonight. I used an edible marker to write the names of each player and coach and glaze icing to personalize with their hockey player number. Oh and you're getting a hint of the other cookies in the picture too... WAIT those are to come in the next couple days. Pretend you didn't see those!
So I didn't get final pictures of the individual cookies, but here's the platter version. These were easy to make and not too time consuming. It was those other 3 tables of cookies... ugh ;-)
Have you figured out yet what the other 3 tables of cookies are going to be???

My son's hockey team won both games in the play-offs tonight and we go back tomorrow night for the championship game. It's very exciting and then a REALLY FULL day on Sunday. Say a prayer for strength and endurance for Nick Sunday and calmness for his mom!

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