Friday, April 8, 2011

Karate Cookies for My Son's Black Belt Test

My son recently earned his Black Belt in Kenpo Karate! For the test, I baked and decorated 131 karate cookies monopolizing every minute of 7 days. I also made cookie tags with inspirational messages on each cookie bag. You can download and use the karate cookie tags that I made by going here: Handmade Karate Cookie Tags with Inspirational Quotes 

I started by baking 131 cookies in various karate shapes:
Next I outlined all the cookies:
Next I filled in the bottom coat of icing in various colors:
I also used my KopyKake projector to hand draw these karate boys with icing:
Then I started to add the detail to finish off decorating the karate cookies:
I printed out an image of this karate-ka (student) and then put waxed paper over the printed image and used Royal Icing to draw the design. After it fully dried, I transferred the image to these cookies below:
I looked online to research various Kanji characters and drew each of these onto cookies by hand:
and Yin-Yang symbols
and Karate Gi (uniform):
and Blue Ribbons:
and Trophies:
and Karate Boys:
More Karate Boys:
and the various cookie designs for the Karate test:
Here the cookies are ready to go...
and the cake for after the test...
Please join me in congratulating Nick in earning his Black Belt in Kenpo Karate!


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  2. your son showed alot of courage and strength to complete the test. my test was 6 odd hours and we had just four testing so the break times in between kata and other aspects was shorter. but the black belt test is a mirror we look into. things appear correct but they are also off. we can see ourselves in a mirror but we can also see others. mirrors distort things also. what you perceive as the right side is actually the left. and things can seem closer than they are and farther than they actually are and bigger or smaller than they actually are. we see our worst qualities in a mirror and our best qualities in our mind. Un Ryu is difficult on mind body and soul, but i have never met an Un Ryu loser. Your son has past his test, he stands opposite the underbelts. whatever his score, it doesn't matter. if score matters, inspite of him passing, then it is pride. true karateka prize humility above all else, more than their black belt. without humility you cannot be compassionate, and anyone without compassion should never wear a black belt.

  3. These are so dadgum CUTE!!! Or what do the kids say now... BEAST?? Whichever they are awesome!! Thank you for sharing and giving me inspiration for our Christmas party :) Blessings


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