Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bridal Shower for Mellissa

Yes, my baby girl is getting married. I am the picture of excitement, calm and prepared. Um... NOT! That would be a picture of my daughter, not the Mother of the Bride. I don't know how she does it. She is planning this huge event and hasn't stressed and is completely excited and yes, in love. Mellissa and Irik's wedding is in 27 days - OMG 27 days! There is still so much to do. Ok, I'm not going to think about that right now. Instead I'm going to tell you that we had a bridal shower for her last weekend. It was incredible. Look at this dessert table! 
My friend, Haniela made these beautiful cookies for Mellissa's bridal shower. Aren't they incredible? It was so sweet of her to make them so personal. She decorated the ring to look like Mellissa's real engagement ring and the E on the center of the circle cookies is to represent their new last name and the M & I is for Mellissa & Irik. Aren't they incredible! Thank you so much Hani for your incredible work!
 My mom and I asked Hani to also make these pink meringue roses from Haniela because they are so beautiful and dressed up our dessert table for the bridal shower perfectly. They were yummy too! We were very excited to see they arrived all in tact during shipping!
 My friend, Christine, from Scrapbooking Stuff made these adorable cupcake liners & toppers in pink & brown to match my daughter's wedding colors. Aren't they fantastic? I just thought these were the cutest things. I made chocolate cupcakes with pink vanilla frosting and vanilla cupcakes tinted pink with chocolate frosting. As a fun surprise, I added an oreo cookie to the bottom of half of the cupcakes. I told everyone that if they ate a cupcake that didn't have a surprise at the bottom, then they had to eat another one ;-)
 Here's a picture up close of those adorable love bird toppers that Scrapbooking Stuff made for us.
Then of course, I made cookies too ;-) I used pink & brown from Mellissa's wedding colors and made lots of different designs. In all, I think we had at least 100 cookies. I don't know why I made so many. The plan was to give away a cookie favor to each person that won a bridal shower game. We had LOTS of games, but there were still LOTS of cookies left after the games, so then we just told everyone to fill up their favor boxes with cookies before they left. Every single cookie was taken. That was easy!
Speaking of the party favors, here are the boxes that we made to hold all their goodies. They came out so cute! Inside was a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons that said cutesie things on them and a heart cookie cutter and lots of cookies.
 These are the pink & brown present cookiess that I made with a matching present cookie tag.
 and the Bridesmaid dresses with another cute cookie tag.
 and I just love these Love Birds. I got the cookie cutter from along with the dress & corset and ring. I just love they ship so fast!
 Here are the corsets. I had to make these since it was a bridal shower, but Mellissa did not want it to be a lingerie bridal shower. Okay, okay...
 and these engagement rings. I "painted" them with silver luster dust and put disco dust on the ring's stone. They were very sparkly and fun.
Here is our guest of honor, the bride to be, Mellissa. Did I mention that we had a game that no one was allowed to say her name throughout the party. They had to say "Bride". I bought these super cool light up bling rings and gave them to 6 of the guests. The plan was for the guests to catch each other saying her name and steal the ring, but no one messed up! Oh and yes, I made her wear a tiara :-)
 The Bride to Be and the Mother of the Bride/Matron of Honor just before the guests arrived.
Grandmother of the Bride, my incredible mother, Betsy. I never could have planned this entire bridal shower without her support. It was way over my head. She came up with all the cutesie details. She is truly amazing and I adore her.
By the way see this beautiful flower below? My mom made that! I love it. It is a party favor inside all that pretty flower paper. I think she said she saw the design in a Martha Stewart catalog and the next day she had made a bunch of them. She's so cool.
 Mellissa's bridemaid, Christine, also came early to help set-up for the bridal shower. Christine and her husband, J.P. just got married LAST week! Congratulations to them and thanks so much for jumping in and helping!
Ok here's the mean mom part. One of the games was Stump the Bride. I emailed Irik and asked him a bunch of questions and printed them up and handed one to each person at the party. They had the chance to ask Mellissa the question about Irik and if she got it wrong, she had to chew a big piece of Hubba Bubba bubble gum. I think she had 9 pieces in her mouth at the end of the game! She didn't like me very much at that point ;-)
 and her beautiful bouquet from ribbons on her bridal shower gifts. She will use this at her rehearsal in a few weeks...
So it was quite an event. Soon I need to start planning the bachelorette party, but I'm taking a bit of a breather first! Next up... graduation cookies.

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