Monday, May 30, 2011

Tutorial - How to Fill Icing Without Air Bubbles & Using Sanding Sugar

On this Memorial Day, let me start by saying THANK YOU to all the veterans and military families that have sacrificed to make our country what it is today. You are truly heroes and we appreciate your service and dedication. My father was a veteran. When he died a couple years ago from Cancer, his wife received a flag at the burial in his honor from his years of service when he was younger. We are hoping that my son will receive his grandfather's flag at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor later this year. What an incredible memory that would be for our family. My cousin was in war at Afghanistan and thankfully is home now. One of my very close friend's has a son that was away at war also and is thankfully home now. So thank you veterans and military families. You are true heroes. 

Okay onto the tutorial...Have you spent hours beautifully decorating your cookies only to come back to them later and find they have ugly holes in the icing? Ugh! Air bubbles are the enemy. For some reason when we fill small areas with icing, it can create an air bubble underneath the surface that we can't see or know that it will develop. I made this little video of how I alleviate air bubbles in my icing. I hope it helps! Sorry about the light in the background and the dorky gal on the video! ;-)
Unfortunately I don't have pictures of cookies with the small air bubbles. It really takes away from the design to see the little craters on your cookies! For instance, these cookies are just calling out for air bubbles because of the small areas to be filled from the outlining:
but using the toothpick method and thin icing, helps to alleviate air bubbles so your finished cookies can look like this:
Next up graduation cookies...

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