Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bridal Shower for My Daughter

Have you heard yet that my daughter, Mellissa, is getting married this summer?! It's very exciting and just a little overwhelming. She asked me to be her Matron of Honor in addition to being the Mother of the Bride. Yes, that means I'm MOH & MOB and incredibly honored to be! As the MOH, it is my honor to throw her a bridal shower. I've never thrown a bridal shower before, so I feel completely out of my element. Thankfully my mother has offered to assist and help guide me and we're sorting through the details as best we can. After a lot of shopping and not really being too impressed by the bridal shower invitations, we decided to hand-make the bridal shower invitations. About now you should be wondering "what did she get herself into?" Unfortunately I find that to be the case in many areas of my life!

So I did some shopping online and bought brown cardstock paper, a digital clip-art image that I love of a bride from Peach Pops ClipArt, a ton of envelopes and borrowed some pink cardstock paper from my daughter. It turned out that the clip art image looked better printing on white paper with a pink background, so Peach Pops made a slight adjustment for me on the clip art and I printed it that way without using the pink cardstock paper. My mom offered to stop by Michaels Craft Store and she bought a ton of pink & brown ribbon, a decorative hole punch, a butterfly hole punch thingy and glitter and little pearls and all kinds of things that I never would have thought of. Great job Mom! We ended up spending 12 hours, yes TWELVE hours!, creating the wedding invitations. I did all the printing and paper cutting and envelope stuffing and address writing and crossing everyone off on the excel spreadsheet and also the ribbon threading . My mom did all the difficult decorative hole punching and the glittering and the pearl placement. I wish I had taken a picture of my mom with the bridal shower invitations. She literally was sitting among a pile of glitter and hole punch pieces. It was hilarious and really quite adorable. So here's the finished product (minus some personal info of course) that went out on May 2nd! The paper background looks black here, but it's a nice dark brown to match the pink & brown colors of my daughter's wedding.
All of those spots of glitter on the veil were hand-done by my mom and there are bits on the floral bouquet too. The butterfly in the bottom left corner stands up and all those decorative elements on the sides of the brown paper are from the decorative hole punch my mom purchased. If you look at the top of the bride's veil, those are little pearls that my mom glued onto the finished invitation. They are pretty fun invitations huh!

I don't have any cookies to share today, but I will be working hard on bridal shower stuff this week and share some as I go. My lovely baking friend, Haniela is making some bridal shower cookies for my daughter because we won her exciting give-away online. I can't wait to see them! Ooh when I went to her blog to link her blog, I got the first viewing of the cookies she made for Mellissa! How exciting is that?!!! You'll have to go to Hani's blog to see them... Thank you Hani! You are absolutely amazing! My mom also ordered some of Hani's beautiful pink meringue roses too: Hani's beautiful pink meringue roses tutorial. Can you just imagine how beautiful the dessert table at the bridal shower is going to be? Food - not so much, but desserts - yeah baby!


  1. It looks stunning and beautiful!! Is there anything which you cannot do so well? You are a super and talented mom and the most loving mom I have ever seen in my life!!!Your kids are very lucky to have you as their mom and I am sure Dave is as lucky to have you as his beautiful wife!!
    God bless Melissa and may she be blessed with all the happiness in the world!!!

  2. @Yamini aww Yamini, you are just the sweetest person I've ever known in my entire life. Love you tons!


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