Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Want To See The Wedding Dress ... Psyche!

My daughter and I went to have the bustle fitted on her wedding dress. Seeing my baby girl in her GORGEOUS wedding dress was so exciting and lots of other emotions too. Am I really ready for this? Um - NO! But I'm very excited for her and she is going to be such an incredibly beautiful bride. Her groom is an extremely lucky man for sure. Don't you wish you could see inside that bag she is holding? Sorry, no chance. Not til the wedding June 25th!
Since I can't show you all the pictures of beautiful Mellissa in her wedding dress, I'll show you the silly Mother-of-the-Bride and Matron-of-Honor super excited to be helping the Bride. Oh, what's with the Texas sweatshirt you ask? That's my SugarBelle want-to-be sweatshirt since she's a Texas gal and I just think she is super cool. On my recent trip to Florida, we had a lay-over in Texas and I just had to buy this cute Texas sweatshirt because it's PINK! I know you're so surprised, right? I had to wear pink & brown to Mellissa's dress fitting of course since those are Mellissa's wedding colors.
Okay enough of the wedding chat for now. Here are some cookies that I just finished tonight for a friend that is hosting a music event for her son's music band. 

I was going to make a fun tutorial of how to draw the design and how to fill without getting air bubbles in tight spaces and then putting on the sanding sugar, but no one else was here to hold the camera and I'm just not talented in that multi-tasking way! 

One last photo for today and then I HAVE to get back to decorating the bridal shower cookies for this weekend. This is my son at one of our many college tours this past week. Do you know what college this is? Yep, Cal Poly. Nick has basically been an Engineer since he was two...!
Bridal shower cookies coming later.... if I ever get back to work on them! ;-)

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