Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sea Creature Cookies & Happy Birthday to my Mom

To celebrate my mom's birthday I made Sea Creature cookies. She is the ultimate beach gal!
I'm so thankful to have my mom here with me on this journey through life. She has been my constant friend, my support system, my confidant and even my fan. My father was always my biggest fan and I knew that and desperately missed him after he lost his battle with Esophageal Cancer 3 years ago. Shortly after his death, I climbed this really rough hill on my bicycle and I got to the top and pulled out my phone to call him. When I saw his name still in my cell phone and remembered that I would never be able to call him again, I broke down. My mom has stepped into that role for me. I think she honestly always wanted that role, but the father/daughter bond is a tight one that is always hard on mothers. I talk with my mom over triumphs and difficulties and we play games and take walks. I love her desperately and will hold onto her as long as I can and cherish our time together. She is an incredible woman with a huge, loving, giving heart.
My mom loving my dog, Eddie
More pictures of cookies bagged and tagged with Sea Creatures:

We spent the day at the beach for my mom's birthday and it was an incredible day. I can't wait to show you all the cake that I made for her birthday. I'll give you a hint... Sweetapolita will like it! 

Happy Birthday Mom!!! I love you so very much and have been so blessed to have you in my life!

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