Sunday, May 8, 2011

Super Cool Cake!

I love this photo because it shows the way cool shirt my mom got for me for no reason what-so-ever. Aren't those just the best kind of gifts! And it's a PINK mixer! My friend Susan at The Painted Cookie found this shirt on the internet and said it was perfect for me and the next thing I knew, it arrived in the mail from my mom! Just love my mom!!! But this was my mom's birthday, so let me show you the cool cake that I made to celebrate her special day.

First and foremost I have to thank Sweetapolita for this amazing cake idea. If you saw my post yesterday with the Sea Creatures cookies, then you saw that it was my mom's birthday. Well in addition to the Sea Creature cookies, I also made her a wonderful cake thanks to the design from Sweetapolita. I was going to make you watch a dorky family video of us singing to my mom and cutting into the incredible cake, but decided to save you the trouble and save us the embarrassment ;-)

 This was the finished cake that just looked like a plain birthday cake... but surprise, surprise!
It actually was a very exciting rainbow cake waiting to be revealed!
 Isn't that so beyond cool!

Here's how it worked for me. Rather than getting too scientific, I baked a white cake and simply used a 1 cup measurement and put that into each of 5 pans. Yes, I had to buy 3 more pans just for this project, but it was so worth it! Then with the bater in the pans, I colored each pan of cake batter for the rainbow cake. 
 Don't they look so pretty next to my beautiful PINK Kitchen-Aid mixer!

Happy Birthday to my mom! Tomorrow I'll share Mothers Day cookies and some photos of what we did together to celebrate with my mom.


  1. What a great post and what a great daughter!!! :) :) I love the bond my mother and I have, too! I bet she loved her cake - what a surprise! I think I might have to "surprise" one of my loved ones with that cake! Thanks so much -- super blog!!

  2. The cake is cool, but the shirt is "more better"! Absolutely love it!


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