Thursday, June 16, 2011

Frosting For The Cause

Have you read the Frosting for the Cause blog? I read it every day. It was started by a gal named Paula that has dedicated her time to creating a blog to help make a difference in the battle against Cancer and raise awareness. Paula asks bakers to share their story about how Cancer has affected someone they know and she shares their story on the Frosting for the Cause site. Each participant bakes something special, donates their creation and makes a donation to the Cancer fundraiser of their choice all while raising awareness with others about this dreaded disease. 

I was reading Frosting for the Cause the other night, like I do every night when I get my email update of their site and noticed that Paula didn't have someone to post for today. Our family does a lot in the fight against Cancer through the LiveStrong Challenge, but I didn't feel confident in participating in this cause because I'm not a professional baker. I felt compelled to reach out to Paula anyway. Paula responded with such an incredibly kind email that she actually had me in tears. I submitted my story and my cookies to be her "pinch-hit post" for today. I woke up this morning and went to Frosting for the Cause site and realized that she must have spent a good part of last night researching everything she could about me. Here I was nervous about participating and she made me out to be super woman. As you all know, I LOVE to bake, yes I'm obsessed with decorating cookies and now and then I also make the pedals on my bike go around. That's it for me, but I do have amazing kids and this story is about my father and my son's dedication to his memory. 

Please check out Frosting For The Cause and check out the cookies that I submitted for the post. 
Thank you to Paula for your incredible dedication and time to making a difference in the battle against Cancer. You are truly amazing!


  1. Hi Cristin! I knew when I received your email that you write straight from the heart. You also bake, bike, and I believe, do everything you do with your full heart. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for your unexpected and wonderful request to pinch-hit post and I thank you deeply for being so generous as to share your story of your wonderful father and the beautiful way your son is honouring his memory. Your cookies are fantastic! I'm so very happy to have met you.

    P.S. for some reason this site won't accept my open I.D. when I comment, had to use my Google one.

  2. Hi Cristin, I agree, Paula is WONDERFUL!! I remember reading your wonderful post.


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