Monday, June 13, 2011

More Sunflower Cookies

I made these cute little Sunflower Cookies the other day for a friend. 
I made some outlined and some without and decided that I liked them outlined best. The middle part is filled with brown sanding sugar. My husband can't get enough sanding sugar on cookies. I think for his birthday in October, I'll have to have sanding sugar all over the cookies ;-)

Tonight I'm working on Eagle cookies that my son asked me to make for his upcoming Eagle Scout project. They are very fragile with big wings, but I just can't resist that boy!

I hope you're all having a fantastic day! I started my day with a 46-mile bicycle ride with my cycling club. I had a fantastic time, but realized when I got home that I forgot to wear my Road I.D. bracelet since I took it off last night to bake cookies. How did I figure out I had forgotten it? Well since I wear it 24/7 for safety, my wrist is never exposed to the sun. That usually very white strip on my wrist stood out pretty good when I got home because it was fried crispy red! Bummer. It was still worth the great ride though. I hope you're all having a fun day!

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