Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding Cookies

I'm working on lots of cookies this week for Independence Day. In the meantime, I thought I would share the wedding cookies from my daughter's wedding on Saturday with you.

Wedding Cakes:
 Wedding Dresses:
This was such a fun cookie to make:
Bride. I tried to match the clip-art that I bought from JW Illustrations Etsy Shop, but with the pink background on the cookie, it was difficult to see it clearly and I thought she had long hair, not realizing it was supposed to be her veil. Still pretty cute.
 Another bride. I can't remember who I ordered the clip-art from, but I know it was on Etsy.
 Wedding dress using a heart cookie cutter. This clip-art was from PeachPopsClipArt Etsy Shop
 and also a Tuxedo using a heart cookie cutter:
 I love this Just Married car. The cookie cutter is from eCrandal. Most of the other cookie cutters are from CopperGifts.com.
 I love these LoveBirds from CopperGifts.com
 Wedding Flowers:
 I didn't like the present cookies this time. Mellissa wanted them outlined in white and I didn't like them, so I didn't give them out to Mellissa's guests. Instead most of those cookies are in my freezer for her and her new husband to eat when they get back from their honeymoon :-) 
 I love these rings. They are painted with silver luster dust for extra shine and the stone of the "diamond" has disco dust for extra glitter.
 This was our first sneak peek photo from the photographer Natalie Thomson Photography. She did such an amazing job! I can't wait to see more photos!!!
 Another sneak peek. Aren't they just beautiful together? I'm so happy for Mellissa & Irik!
Okay... back to work on Independence Day cookies...


  1. The wedding pictures you shared are wonderful! The cookies you made are all just so lovely and I can't believe that you made so many different designs...all are delightful. The wedding guests must have loved them all.

  2. Oh the cookies look so yummy. The whole wedding looks perfect too, but where is the picture of wedding bands.


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