Saturday, July 2, 2011

Independence Day / 4th of July Cookies

Independence Day is right around the corner. I've had a great time this week making LOTS and LOTS of red, white & blue cookies for the occasion! 

I made these flag cookies using a large rectangle shape that I purchased from They ship lightning fast and are wonderful to order from with wonderful service.
Then I also made some flag cookies using a scalloped edge rectangle. This cutter was also from
Next I made these firework cookies. The cookie cutter I bought last year from
I made these Republican Elephants just for my hubby. He LOVES them. His favorite cookies have lots of sanding sugar on them and so I put sanding sugar on the icing stars. This was a brand new cutter that I ordered from
I also made these 4th of July hats. This cutter can be used for St. Patrick's Day hats and also Reading Across America hats (think red & white striped Dr. Seuss hat). I just ordered the cutter last week, so I haven't tried those other designs yet, but look forward to it. This is another cookie cutter.
My very favorites are these Bomb-Pop cookies. The idea came from SweetSugarBelle and her wonderful tutorial. If you haven't checked out her amazing cookies, make sure to do so. I changed my design just a bit to accommodate Glaze icing. Hubby went to the store to find popsicle sticks for me. I prefer not to bake the stick into the cookie, so I stuck it on the back of the cookie using Royal Icing since that hardens and it worked perfectly. I decorated the cookie in sections to show some definition, but you can only see that when you're up close to it or the picture is larger. These were really fun to make.
I also made some more popsicle cookies. I'm not one of those gals that can envision other things that a specific cookie cutter can be. Many of my baking friends have that vision and creativity. I thought about buying a popsicle cookie cutter, but decided that the stick portion would break too easily, so I had a fun idea. I have a "pill" cookie cutter from shaped like an oval that I use for Get Well cookies. Well this time I decided to cut the bottom off the oval and made these fun popsicle cookies out of the pill cutter. Again I used some Royal Icing to stick the glue onto the back of the cookie.
Right about the time that I was decorating all these cookies, a baking friend sent out a tutorial on how to decorate Independence Day star cookies. What perfect timing! always has fun ideas and is happy to share them with the baking cookiers. 
And some heart flag cookies too.
Next I made some Eagle cookies. This is an Old River Road cookie cutter from I've been using this cutter a lot because my son is working toward his Eagle Scout project so it is fitting ;-) This was my first time in making the eagles red, white & blue and I'm so happy with them. Hubby likes them too. That is always nice.
I also made some Independence Day cupcake cookies because I had bought the cute clip-art image on to use on my cookie tags and decided it was cute enough to make a cookie to go with it. I just love the bright red & blue colors.
These are another one of my favorites. Sock monkeys! Too adorable! My baking friend SweetSugarBelle made these sock monkeys and then gave her design to so that others could make sock monkeys too. Even though they are so adorable, I haven't had enough chances to make them, so I decided to add an Independence Day hat for the holiday. I also bought some cute monkey clipart from that have 4th of July flags to use on my cookie bags. Super fun!
I just love making these candy cookies. I need to do an entire set of cookies in a candy theme. That would be really fun.
These lollipop cookies could go in that candy theme category too.
I also made some flag cookies out of a scallop edge circle.
I've had this Old River Road Hot Air Balloon cookie cutter from for quite a while and haven't used it yet, so I was excited to make it into a 4th of July hot air balloon. As a cyclist, I've seen these many times and it is always so exciting to see them.
I used one of my ice cream cone cookie cutters to make these snow cones. This cookie cutter was the first copper cookie cutter I ever had. My mother gave it to me at least 10-15 years ago. I thought she was insane for spending so much on a cookie cutter. Now all these years later, I have almost 400 cookie cutters (most of them copper) and I can't get enough to curb my obsession with them! Thanks Mom :-)
I made these cowboy hat cookies into Independence Day cookies just because I had the cute clipart that matched. My hubby wants to move to Texas, so if that ever happens, I guess I'd be making lots of cowboy cookies ;-)
I also made some ladybugs into holiday bugs.
So how's that for A LOT of cookies! YUM! I have one more cookie that I'll share tomorrow after a long bike ride. Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend!


  1. Cristin - these are so wonderful! I can't believe the variety of designs in your Independence Day themed cookies! As I read and scrolled and read and scrolled, new designs just kept revealing themselves! I love them all, but my favorite ones are the hot air balloons and the cowboy hats. You are so incredibly talented!! Have a wonderful 4th!!

  2. Holy smokes! That's a lot of cookies and all of them are just wonderful! I love the Republican Elephants too and your balloons. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July celebration...with all these cookies the party could last the entire week LOL!

  3. Beautiful cookies and a frosty mug are great ingredients for a fun celebration (perhaps not together :-) All of those attending will be thrilled with the variety of cookies you prepared. They are a festive as fireworks!


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