Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day Push Pops & More

In addition to the tons of Independence Day decorated cookies that I made this week, I also made PUSH-POP cookies! I got this really fun idea from The Decorated Cookie and her wonderful tutorial. These were really fun. As soon as I saw her post, I ordered the push-pop containers and have been anxiously waiting to try them out. In addition to other places, you can purchase the push-pop containers from this Etsy shop: PushUpPops. If you click on their shop, you will see that there are many different options as far as how many push-pop containers you want to purchase. Here are my push-pops. I decorated 1 1/2 inch cookies in red white and blue icing and added sanding sugar to each one. These are such fun!

Lastly for the Independence Day cookies, I also made these large face cookies with 4th of July hat. This cookie sat faceless, unsure of how I wanted to decorate it. The cutter can be purchased from eCrandal and they show a beautifully decorated little boy, so I emailed the artist, KimsMom76 to ask if I could use her design for my cookie and she very graciously agreed since she had designed the cookie cutter. So I finished off this cute little boy and I gave one to the Fed Ex delivery guy yesterday that came to deliver a package that my son has very anxiously been awaiting :-)
Have you seen all the cute kids out with lemonade stands this weekend? I went on a 76-mile bike ride today. It was past 100 degrees. My muscles were tired and depleted from the heat. When we got to an intersection, my cycling friend yelled out "left" and I yelled back "Lemonade Stand - I'm going" and for $2.00 I bought 3 lemonades. Boy did that ever hit the spot on that hot ride! Those little girls were angels sent at just the right time!

So that is the last of my Independence Day cookies. I'm excited to go to the Potluck at my mom's house tomorrow with a whole bunch of these cookies :-) I hope you have a WONDERFUL Independence Day with family and friends!


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  2. @merry johnson Aww thank you so very much Merry. You made my day!

  3. They resemble the Campbell's Soup kids, and it doesn't get much more All American than that! Kute Kid Kookies.


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