Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Beach Cookies

I made these super fun snorkel cookies following the uber talented design of Susan from The Painted Cookie. I think she may have even designed this cookie cutter for
These were a perfect design for my son to bring to his potluck party at work today. Since he's a lifeguard, I made a whole bunch of beach theme cookies - many more to come. 
I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I went on a long bike ride yesterday and had the joy of pulling the group through massive headwinds. We had a tight peloton trying to hide from the wind with the gal all in pink up in the front. That was cool. It was so windy that it was hard to hold my bike in a straight line. My bum muscles are sore and the quad muscles on my thighs are tight, so I must have had a good work-out. It was nothing compared to the really strong guys that went and did the Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge ride yesterday with over 11k feet of climbing! Ouch!

My bike shop asked me to try out these cool compression socks. They are supposed to give you 30% more blood-flow which equates to 30% more energy. They seem to be working. The ones I wore yesterday were hot pink - surprised? Everyone asked me if I was going to a soccer game after the ride ;-) I have to get a photo of me dressed in all my cycling gear with long compression socks on. It must be quite a sight, but hey whatever works right?! ;-)

Have a fantastic weekend all!


  1. i must see a pic!

  2. Such fun cookies! Great decorating job. The *strong guys* might have done a great bike run but I think what you do on your bike is commendable! Glad you enjoyed those new socks :)

  3. Thanks Paula! It was a good run.
    Mellissa yes, I have to get a pic of the dorky looking socks! ;-)

  4. Darling cookies! Dorky or not, I need to get some of those socks!


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