Saturday, August 6, 2011

Castle Cookies Continued 5 - Last One

I know, I've been on a bit of a kick with the castle themed cookies. I've had these cookie cutters for quite a while and I've been so excited to make them and I just love "theme" cookies. My birthday was Monday and now that it's Saturday, I guess we can officially say this is the last of the birthday castle cookies. Oh but such fun to come... with new ideas of cookies! Okay, so these are Princess hats. The cookie cutter is from eCrandal and I wanted this one for a long time before I finally broke down and bought it. I have to show SOME restraint right? I added sanding sugar on the wispy part and kept with the pinks and lavenders of the other castle cookies.
Then our princesses need crowns right? I have several crown cookie cutters. One of them was even a gift from my friend, Shilpi. I didn't make those this time because I was trying to use my new set of cookie cutters, but that cutter is especially cute because it's PINK :-)
I also made these larger crowns. I added sanding sugar to the entire crown in the back row, left side and decided that I didn't like the look of that at all so I made the rest without sanding sugar.
And what castle theme would be complete without a glass slipper? I decorated some with disco dust and some with white sanding sugar. I liked both and couldn't decide which one was better. 
and in case you forgot about the one lonely wand for the princess, here it is again. So cute that I wish I had made more. 
So these were all for the princesses that need hats, crowns, glass slippers and wands. Oh you know what I didn't make that would have been fun... fairies. Darn, next time... :-)
I'm off for a long bicycle ride all day Saturday. Although it should be about 90-miles, I think it's going to be a pretty easy day. Mostly flat route with good weather and a relaxed pace with my cycling club. I hope you're doing something special with your day too!

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