Friday, August 5, 2011

Castle Cookies Continued 4

In our castle theme of cookies, yesterday we saw the frogs which of course were destined to turn into a Prince with love's first kiss, so now we need supplies for our Prince. Since the Prince also has to be our Knight in Shining Armour, we better give him some armour. But truthfully we can protect ourselves, right?! Ok, we won't go there...
I decided our Knight in Shining Armour needed a helmet thingy. I don't know what these are officially called. My son says they are faucets, but they're NOT. They are official castle gear and super cool. I sprinkled them with silver sparkling sugar. Remember hubby LOVES sparkling sugar. This is assuming I'm willing to share my birthday gingerbread cookies - yeah right!
 Then since our Knight in Shining Armour might not have a Black Belt, we gave him a sword and shield instead. I thought these were super cool and reminded me of my son when he was just a little guy and had tons of homemade shields.
Wanna see - don't tell him this picture is on my blog ok? ;-) He's way bigger than me now and yes, he has a Black Belt. He will make a wonderful Knight in Shining Armour someday. Isn't he cute as heck trying to look all fearless with his shields!
On a side note, although he had the serious look down perfectly here, I took him to get his senior portraits the other day. The photographer tried to get him to look serious without a smile. It wasn't a possibility. He's a smiling guy. The photographer said it was a nice problem to have :-) Ok, so back to cookies. Then there are these cool swords. The first one I decorated with silver disco dust, but to my surprise, I thought it looked cooler with sanding sugar so I finished them off with sanding sugar instead.
Okay so our Prince/Knight in Shining Armour is ready to protect his princess. After tomorrow we are coming to a close of my birthday week. Yes it's a birthday week! You might only have a birthDAY, but I'm extra special (at least in my own mind) ;-). I have some princess supplies to show you tomorrow and then we'll get back to beach/summer cookies.


  1. Love the knight themed cookies! Your son is so cute with the shields! I know mine will grow up quick enough -- they're at that stage of shields right now! :)

  2. Yes, you are extra special and deserve an entire week to celebrate your birthday. Your *secret* photo of your little Knight is adorable and your cookies are too cute.


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