Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cookies for Bell Fashion Show Meeting and another project

A couple of my friends from my son's school asked me to make cookies for a Fashion Show meeting they were having the other day. These are gals that I completely look-up to and try to emulate. They are hard workers, open-hearted, kind like you can't imagine. I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering with them these last few years. Let me back up a bit. 

My son was accepted into the best college prep high school in the nation. After we filled out the paperwork to apply, I told my son "don't get your hopes up". We pray all the time and we're blessed and he's a completely amazing kid, but I honestly didn't think there was a single chance he would get in. When we received his acceptance letter, my father was in a coma. My father had been battling Cancer. I whispered in my dad's ear that his grandson was accepted to the school. My dad never got to share the excitement. After 36 days in a coma, he passed away.

When my son started at the new school, we didn't know a single person there. A lot of kids came over with other kids from their Catholic schools. We came from a public school and didn't know anyone. At my first volunteering event there, I was so incredibly nervous and honestly just a shell of a person after just losing my dad. A gal walked over from all the way across the room to welcome me and she sat next to me and befriended me. She later became the President of the Mothers Guild and I was part of her team. One of the other gals that asked for the cookies, ran the entire Fashion Show. I would have been stressed beyond compare! These gals make everything look so easy. The cool thing is that EVERYONE at this school has turned out to be like these amazing women. They are all incredible, open-hearted and hard working. My son is about to start his last year at this school. Where did the time go? I've worked with 4 Presidents of the Mothers Guild, each of them incredible. It has been such an honor to be a part of this experience and all they do for others.

Ok, I'm rambling, I know. I haven't slept in a week because of a big event that I'm in charge of with 1,200 people attending this weekend, so give me a break. Here are the cookies for my friends and their meeting :-)
Belles are the women workers of the Fashion Show. I made these fun Director's Clapper cookies:
 and then I also used my KopyKake machine to hand-draw each of these Director's Chairs since there isn't a cookie cutter for them. I used a design from Sugarbelle to draw these.
and I'm FINALLY starting to work on cookies for the 1st ever Cristin's Cookie Challenge that ended yesterday. I know, pathetic huh! My own challenge and I didn't have time to make cookies all week! Instead I spent my week working on spreadsheets and name tags and planning the event. Priorities.
and a few special ones that hopefully I'll have time to decorate too...
Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone. I'm going to work at my event tomorrow and then sleep and sleep and sleep ;-)


  1. Best wishes to your son on his final year. So great that you were befriended early on in his attendance there by such wonderful woman. Your cookies for the Fashion Show are perfect as are your Hello Kitty ones.
    Hope your volunteer event that you are working on goes off without a hitch and that you get some much needed rest very soon.

  2. Cristin,
    What an awesome story. Congrats to your son and so sorry to hear about you losing your Daddy.
    Your cookies are great and so are you,

  3. Thank you so much ladies!!! You're such sweet souls and I appreciate you!


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