Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Beach Cookies 3

I had big plans of making Hello Kitty cookies all this week for the first ever Cristin's Cookie Challenge, but alas it is not working out as planned :( I am in charge of a huge volunteering event this Sunday with about 1,200 people attending and I've been working on the details of that exclusively with no time to decorate cookies. Different priorities this week, but I'll be back to cookie decorating as soon as I can. Get your Hello Kitty cookie pictures posted to my Cristin's Cookie Facebook Page today or early tomorrow morning as I will be posting pictures on my blog on Friday! 338 people have stopped by the Cristin's Cookies Challenge so even if I don't get my cookies decorated, you should have plenty of Hello Kitty cookies to see! How exciting! Thank you to everyone that is playing along! I'm having so much fun seeing all your posts!

In the meantime, I didn't get a chance to show you the rest of my beach cookies that I had baked for my son's potluck at work. He is a lifeguard so having beach/summer theme cookies were just perfect for his event.
Here's the break down of the cookies you haven't seen yet:
Ducky rings
 Flamingos, ooh I just love these!
 Glasses of lemonade. My mother-in-law ordered me a new cookie cutter of a lemonade glass from eCrandal. I can't wait til it comes. That will be so fun!
 I didn't have a sand bucket cookie cutter, so I used my large Skull cookie cutter for these.
 and fun sand castles. I really like this one.
 and swim trunks using my boxer shorts cookie cutter from
 and watermelon in both pink & red just to be fun.
 and my wave cookies. This is an ecrandal cookie cutter designed by KimsMom Cookies.
So those are the last of my beach cookies for now. Cross your fingers that I'll have some time to decorate a few Hello Kitty cookies tonight... 

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  1. You must bake from morning til night (through the night) to get everything you show on this blog created! Good luck with your volunteer event. Love the beach themed cookies, the wave, swim trunks and flamingos are my favs.


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