Monday, August 8, 2011

Castle Cookies & Frog Prince Tutorial - No Air Bubbles & No Icing Dots Spreading

I finished decorating all my castle cookies last week. I didn't have time to do some personalized hand-drawn ones that I was hoping for, but another day...
A friend asked me to make Frog Prince cookies last weekend and it was really fun to make them in bright green and really bright lavender. The picture doesn't even do them justice. They were such fun colors together! I made a tutorial (below) for those interested.
By the way, did you hear about our first Cristin's COOKIE CHALLENGE? Check it out here: We are going to have lots of fun making Hello Kitty cookies together this week!

So for the frogs. I started by outlining him in black with my design and letting that dry. Then I filled the crown with yellow icing and added sanding sugar.
 I then filled his face and added his eyes to the wet icing.
 I filled his legs with green icing and on the thinner parts that are likely to develop air bubbles, I used a toothpick to push the icing to the sides. This COMPLETELY alleviates air bubbles.
 I then filled his tummy with bright lavender icing and added a red heart decoration candy/sprinkle.
 I then used my bright lavender icing to add dots to his legs. This was the last step so the icing was still a bit wet, but had set so that the dots wouldn't spread.
 He's almost done here. Now he has the night off and I let him dry before tomorrow adding "Kiss Me" with an edible marker pen and adding his smile with the pen as well. Sometimes I use icing and sometimes I just use the edible markers if I don't feel like whipping up the icing again for thin lines.
 Here he is with his friend all bagged and ready to go make my friend's day.
 Isn't he cute? Kinda makes you want to kiss him to see if he'll become a prince right?
So join us in making Hello Kitty cookies this week. Just take pictures of your final cookies and add them to your Facebook page and tag "Cristin's Cookies" so I can see them too. On Friday, I will post pictures to my blog of some of the fun Hello Kitty creations. Get baking... :-)


  1. The cutest little froggies I've ever seen! Nice castles too by the way.
    I love your idea for the cookie challenge but don't think I can participate this week. Will look forward to reading about all those that do and hoping that you do this challenge again sometime soon.

  2. @The Vanilla Bean Baker Thanks Paula. We are having so much fun with the cookie challenge, that I'm sure we'll do it again! It's so fun to have buddies to bake with and collaborate with! I'm very excited! I hope you can join us next time! Are you on Facebook? We need to get you on fb...

  3. Hi! The frog cookies were a present for me, they're awesome, I love them!

  4. @Scienter Your note made me smile! I'm so glad that Kristin was able to get the cookies to you Dori! I'm also very happy to hear that you enjoyed them! Thanks for your kind note!


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