Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Castle/Princess Cookies For My Birthday

In addition to the castles that I made for my birthday cookies, I also made many other castle-themed cookies.  What do you suppose goes nicely with a castle?
This Princess cookie cutter came from CopperGifts.com and thanks to Susan from The Painted Cookie, they show a great design of a little Princess girl. I decorated a similar princess girl, but I decided to also make a mom Princess/Queen too using the same cookie cutter.
I started by outlining my cookies with black icing making some princesses and some queens. As you can probably see from the queen on the right, I changed the design and scraped off the black and then finalized my design and re-outlined. You can do this at any time and it will be covered by the icing. No worries!
I then filled the skin tone of the faces and let them sit overnight before adding detail. If you're smarter than me, you will add the icing eyes now before it dries ;-)
 The next day I filled in the hair and dress. Since I had forgotten the icing eyes, I dabbed a touch of skin color icing onto the bottom of each eye and added them on too. Sorry I didn't take more photos along the way or even individualized, but hey, it was 4am and I hadn't gone to bed yet!
 I also made one very lonely wand. It was so cute that I wished I had made more, bu there's always next time! I used my Kopykake to draw the star. Again, if you're smarter than me, it would be easier to just use a star cookie cutter to make a slight impression on your cookie before it bakes and then trace it with icing afterward. It's funny how you don't think of such things in the wee hours of the night. 
Nick and I both enjoyed a castle cookie yesterday. His comment with a full mouth: "I have the best mom in the whole world". Kinda makes you want to make cookies every day doesn't it...! Enjoy your day!


  1. Very cute, fun and whimsical! I think your birthday celebration is going to last the entire week with all these cookies :)


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